Wednesday, June 13, 2007

what a day

how many times do i have to call the centre.!!!
its been like 3 times already.
i hope this one dont bring any probs now..that i call the technician.
internet problem ma.......susah nak acess!

i just finished this book -conversations with the fat girl-by Liza Palmer.since when did i read books like this???hehehe.....
act its my sisters,well...with nothin better to do at home, i might as something.
my sister,Tam,.....she has a lot of stack book at the cupboard.i wonder if she'd finished all of it.

its kind of cool...knowing what fat girl feels like...i mean....not like im fat or anything, just like we should know how it feel like.. stopping judging books by its cover!
not all people are thin, n well if they do, they might not as themself.nonetheless....always seems like theres something wrong with themself and judging themself..

haha..what am i mumbling about!better stop now.
anyway..i have this new hobby, watching all episode of full house.last time i want to cd writer is broken.but know its might as well.....take all for granted rite.
cya on the next chapter!

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