Friday, September 25, 2009

RAyo SUDA~~~


AUWhhh.......i take 1 week
When i think back, AUW....selfish nyeee...........dah la baru stat kejo semngu then nk cuti semnggu lak.......x patut betoll la....haishhh~~~~~~

XPELA....RAYO PUNYA PASAL >....... usual.....this year goes to my mum side. 1st raya kat Jerantut, then barula Pilah.
Lagi meriah kot, sebab many of my cuzin yang dah kawin, so bertambahla ahli family....huuuu...mee??? who know's...

Yesterday sampai rumah, AISEYMANNNN.........
busuk bangat. bau bangkai.
x tahan gue dong!
fishes at home...cian......all dead! my house tu, cam gile sikit.selalu blackout seniri.
Xtaula pulak bile blackout nye..but kitorng blk kampong adala dlm 6 ikan2 tu cam isi perut semua dah terburai....geliiiii siotttt!!!!yekkkk!!!!!
cam ade beberapa lapisan dalam air tu dah. THE SMELL????? dont even say it!!!
berapa kali spray nth!!

tadi kua. esok kua lagi.hurm....
mgu ni pack3..... ;p

samat hari raya.
maap zahir batin~~~


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New life when working (?_?)


Today is Tuesday, so it has been 2 days already in working ecvironment.(nak sngt keje amik kau!!!)
Nothing much happen really....maybe because it's only been 2 days..hurm....i dunno. But something just didn't feel right. When i first got there, i was introduce to everyone, but not everyone is there yet la. So i just realize there's only 1 female worker in the 2nd level, where everyone involve in the project has been put there.

So, i found out that I have to take over her - kak anur. and she only have until a week after raya there. She has teach me a lot, but just the basic things, i mean seriously anybody can do that. macam kerani pun ada aku rasa. haishhhh~~~~~and bile dia xda, leh ker aku survive sorang2 kat ofis nii???? aku pon keliruuuuu....x penah jadi berdikari smp camni. ;p
There's still a lot more i dunno nothing about and only a few days left. and she's taking a leave tomorrow, and i ended being left alone. and and aku sangat neves and takut.

Banyak benda dia cerita kat aku pasal experienced die, membuatkan aku tabik kpd dia.cayalaaa kak. tapi i cannot la compare myself wif her, dia dah 2 thn lebih kat situ, and aku pulak baru masuk, and most probably donno most of the staff name

Rasa cam sunyi je ofis xda pempuan dlm tu. OHh how i wish if my frens were there, mesti riuh rendah ofis. Kalo guys apa lagi, buat hal masing2 la..especially the engineer.......selalu xda kt ofis. tension lak aku tgk.........sebab aku nak IKUT GAKKK!!!!!

Aku sangat komfiusss.....>_<...
I also have interview's this weekend but, xkanla aku bg reason nak leave sebab interviu kot??? x logik giler.....dah la baru masuk, n then suka suka nak cari kerja lain plk......
AKU X SAMPAI ATI nk wat camtu kat company ni, at least I should gave it a 1 month shot.
and aku betul2 harap aku boleh bertahan kat company ni at least 1 year. dah cukup experienced blah la....




At the end, its all about getting the job done, and just wait until the end of the month for paycheck to arrived
tul x?????

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My lucky day~~~~ ;)


Today~~after 4 month of unemployed, I am finally employed!!wohhooo~~~~!!!!!!

Somewhere I always wanted which is in Oil n gas company.
I even walk there. Its just across my house. Its not as big as PET...but enough for me to get as much experience as i can as a project exec.hurm~~~~
I thought nak mintak engineer, but the posting available is project, and HR- miss Jesicca said, there's a chance i might change position maybe later on if i stayed in this company a year or 2, based on my performance of course.
Is it that great being an engineer????heheheeee

Funny thing is, my interview was at 2pm, and she called me at 4pm saying that i got accepted. SYUKUR sangat sangat.....

dahla dekat dengan rumah, and I dont even have to calculate the expenses for travelling, macam g training tu~~~but one thing tough.....Im still living wif my family~~~huhu~~~baru ingat nak jadi independent sikit, cari umah sewa seniri n so on.huhu....

Maybe...who know's one day~~~~

fotolia_9699433%20oil%20rig.jpg (512×332)

*gambar hiasan semata-mata*

wish me luck ;)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

M'sia vs Indon

Malaysian Students In Indonesia Advised To Take care

By Mohd Nasir Yusoff

JAKARTA, Sept 9 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Students Department here has advised Malaysian students in Indonesia to take care following reportedly rising anger among a small group of people over slanderous reports by the media of late.

The department has sent an SMS message to advise all Malaysian students to avoid using Jalan Diponegoro here.

The anger among the small group of people seems to have reached a serious stage following recent media reports and visuals of more than 360 people having registered as volunteers to "crush" Malaysia.

Tuesday, a group calling itself "Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat" (BENDERA) threatened to use sharpened bamboo on Malaysians using Jalan Diponegoro here.

It was reported that 50 members of BENDERA armed with these "spears" forced people using the road to show proof of their identity with the intention of detaining anyone who was Malaysian.

This act of taking the law into their own hands was reported in the local online media, including detikcom.

In one incident previously, rotten eggs were hurled at a house rented by Malaysian students of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta by a group of demonstrators comprising local undergraduates who were angry at Malaysia for having allegedly "stolen" the Pendet dance which originated from Indonesia's Bali island.

Following that issue, which was fanned by the local media and linked to past issues, several groups of Indonesians demonstrated in front of the Malaysian embassy here.

Malaysia stated that it had not "stolen" the dance for a video clip tourism promotion, which was actually produced by a private company based in Singapore, but the explanation seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

The okezone website reported that BENDERA had conducted checks on more than 100 people using Jalan Diponegoro.

Detikcom reported that no Malaysian had used that road and that the checks, which were to have been conducted for one hour, ended just after 30 minutes.


aren't they aware that a lot of thir kind is living here in msia?????

people nowdays are so not thankfullll~~~bikin gua panas ok!!!

sabar jela bulan2 puasa nih ~~ haishh~~~


Friday, September 04, 2009

SD interview


Before i loose my memory, i want to wrote this down.ehe..
Ok today i went for an interview at Mount kiara....its like a forest over there, very quiet n no vehicle whatsoever....
ok my bad, i thought the session is at 8.50am, then I went out from my house late lar.....
around 7.20 like that i reach the KTM, but unfortunately, i missed it. then have to wait another 15 minit, but then there was an announcement saying that the train got some problem and had to delay until 8am. ok at first i was like......ok no worry, still got time ma~~~~
Then i check my interview letter again, and it said there 8.15am.

i was like whatttttt......y does it have to be now????
despite from that, i go out and take a cab instead. it cost me like RM40 ringgit from Subang to Kiara.....eeeeeeeee~~~~mahalll doh~~~

ok ok.....i reach there right on time la * satisfied*
money is whatever...... ;p
coz i need to show my punctual time rite...hehe...

ok so first there was a quick briefing about the interview session.
In the morning, my batch takes around 36 people, so we have to make 6 group. 1 group 6 pep la......
They just pick randomly where goes which.....and so my group had to take the 2nd round after the 1st group has finish.
Thank god we have we ice breaking la between each other, which make it easier for us to communicate later in the room. and so we did~~~

It took about 30 minit for a discussion.(me, yan, tika, lah, kumar,yeah) i love this group!!!!
the assesor suppose to give the same topics as the previous one ( H1n1, graduates student, education) but then she said that she's bored with the same topic, she just come up wif a new one : motto of SD : making a sustainable future real for everyone. Discuss........
At first seryesly, we're all gone blank!!!???? Then kumar started to talk, which makes it easier for the rest of us. heheee..Thank god.

If we pass the discussion, then we go to the next round which is online assessment. Basically got 3 part : numerical test, verbal test nad personality test. n yeah~~all of our member pass the discussion. This online thing i really hate la....coz of lack of time and have to use the kids calculator(not scientific one). So session ended around 1.30pm. Some of the students drive there, so i just tompangla...but still got lost on the way to the sentral. lol ;p

If we pass this round, only then can go to next stage.
Its hard to tell, coz there's so many people and they only took a few.
just another experience for me~~ ;)
Oh well~~~at least i've been given a chance. alhamdulilah.....
kan best kalo xde interview. buat orang sakit jantung je..hukhuk....somebody please respond~~ im tired of waiting....

ps : ramadhn yg ke-14 hari.