Thursday, June 07, 2007

counting the days...

erm.. well......another boring and dull day 4 me.
i cant even go anywhere bcoz its raining. and its now oficially 1.25 the morning.
im n
ot sure, wht im going to do...n i olny hv about 3 weeks until my lecture strts again.

o yeah......let me just share, my trip to INSTEP(teringganu) with a bunch of smart n funny people, who are
selected to be one of Petronas scholarship.i mean, they are really fun to be around with.
n i really gonna miss them a lot. Throughout the entire camp, which is about a week (9 days to be specific) i hv learn so many is so hot there, i just wish i bought an umbrella wit me.damn.!

i dont even know, its going 2 b tht far.i mean, we hv to walk like 3km, 7-10 min to get to the classes.
huh..!!talk about exercising..hehehe... dont really bother me much.

as u can see down there, is my classmte from PRIMAX 2. This class is sooo happening. miss them a lotzz.

Mr Rahmat..our facilitator.hes a great lecturer.
i mean.....seriously, so fun n so experience.
suka bangt dgn dia. :p

this is where we had our breakfast n lunch.
aa....some of them r 3 yrs study.aku sorang je 4 years.
module 3 sik jumpa udah.huhu....gonna miss them.

see that black beg. thats free..n yet nice 2 hold.
suke that beg!!nametag sik penah pakei.!hehe

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