Wednesday, December 31, 2008

kuliah dah stat


yeah i know...
its the 1st day of semester.....but guess where i am???

AT home...

come to think of it, is it really necessary to come?? i bet lec pun nak cuti lagi. alang2 bukak sekolah nex wik. might as well take the week off.kuikuikui.....
alaaaaa....lagi satu hal blm settle. Barang utk projek belum beli lagi. im deadla kalo camni....wawawawa....

xpe2, still got time ni. Im not sitting at home doing nothing ni. I am damn buzy nih.!!!! seramnye nk balik UTM. OHHH NOOOOoo!!!!! apsalla faiz tu cepat sgt tnya bila nak jmpa Dr Fuad nii....AAhhhh pressure2!!

wasting time here

Friday, December 26, 2008

Permata SESat..... :)

salamz.... first i didnt get a call about de toastmaster...but back then it was kind of relief!!! Guess it does not lasted that long.... :(
Then all of a sudden, all of my scholars friend started sending msg saying that En Hairul is looking for me!! terharu siot!! HAHAHAa....... immediately started thinking of a reason not 2 go. But who am i too reject????mcm bagus sgt jek. Im not that so called very good in public speaking esp in English n neither score 4.0 in academic. So why not take this chance and improved my English. Not that i have many choices.~~
So i just finished my Training at PERMATA Bangi on the 22/11/08 . Its only a 2 day programmed, but im too dem lazy to update my blog cause i have lots of things going on here..HEheheheheee.......
me and Amy (rumate )partnerku yg sporting. me n HauziKak Azuwa, En Azmi n me

too bad theres only 12 of us. including the juniors. But i guess thats the good thing cause En Azmi (fasi) really focused on each and every one of us. While the rest from UTM start on the 23rd.
At first i was kind of terrified, but after a while im getting the hang of it. *perasan2*......
most of the programme we just talk and talk until sakit anak tekak esp me. i have to scram until HE is satisfied!!OH GOD!!~~~ wonder what i look like!!! blushing like HELL by the time.lalalala.......
but im so glad i went here.....
Practice makes perfect!!keep it up...


Thursday, December 18, 2008

still young~~ *_*


16 december 1986 i was born on this earth specifically at Hospital Tawakal- Gombak. yup..... turning 22 already haaa.. XD

alhamdulillah....i can eat, live, breathe, n have a normal healthy life until now. thats all i need. although my age increased every year, but i am who i am. menten young (perasan siot!)~~lalalaaa....

i dont think ive been a very good girl for the past year, and i hope i can b more "mature", responsible, x skip class n bla bla bla memandangkan this is my last semester of study in UTM TERcinta (harap2 x kantoi subjek ape2)......harap2 jgk dipanjangkan umur lagi. so theres more time to pray to ALLAH swt b4 i die. n get married n have children n granchild n dot dot dot .......(mls nk taip)

pray 4 me~~

**oPppsss..private photos**

Monday, December 15, 2008

~holiday at Perak~


2 days ago i went to Tambun lost WOrld at perak. eventough its not as big as AFAMOSA at Melaka, but it was a dem HOT day~~seronok mandi-manda.huahua.....
kitorang ramai gak, kak ura, edi,kak wa, ami, kak mas, abg mat, kaksu,boy, mira n then my family. tp xde org nk amik gmba because semua org nk mandi n we dont want a mistake to repeat twice rite,haha..pasni kene beli cam sony waterprove plk~~~

kitorang stay at Heritage hotel kat Ipoh. malam tu , makn2 kat dalam jusco, looks like thats the only place to shop (no offence) hehe....pastu mlm tu sesat balik hotel, nampak funfair drop by kejap- punyala ramai orang~~nth apala org IPOh ni ramai2 buat kat situ.haha.....
pastu ajak mak aku masuk rumah hantu. x seram pun, tp buat2 seramla kan.....menjerit sampai heart attact ye!!wuwuw...... (sengaja)
ni namanya ALING, burung kat rumah kak Su.dia bg lepas....hbs terbang satu rumah..dah la burung ni suke posing. DAMN FUNNY laar.... oo lagi satu kes~~

i repeat~~ ~~DONOT EAT~~
penuh dengan ulat bersarang inside this CHOC........EWWWWW
my mum termakan sikt.awawewewwwwww..... padahal expired date is on 2009.. its GOTTA BE THE KILANG PROSES!!SHUT DOWn MAN!!AIyoooo


Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Fon-SOny Ericsson T700~


i just bought myself a new fon tadi.
latest model : T700 sony Ericsson, 3G, 3.2 MP n basic...jeng3 RM 780.
Mesti suprised kan, murah gler...thats because i donot take bribe...lalala....dia offer macam2 jugak, memory card 2G, fon bluetooth.but i said, if u cut all that how much lar?? so tu yg dapat murah tu. tu pun setelah a few hours fikir2. termasuk hari semlam.HAHAHA>>> :D
not that im a big fan of new hp, but my old one, masuk air time g mandi kat gunung ledang aritu..wuwu....
thank GOD duit baru masuk...WOOhooo!!

new fon- RED KALER~
old fon- BLACK KALER~
new fon again : with goodie bag..hehehe....

tata titi tutu....
esok g Perak!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Salam Aidiladha~

salam hari raya korban.

haritu aku balik kampung kat Jerantut sambt hari raye aidiladha.eheh, nak cerita ni al kisah Raya Haji.....8/12/2008 haritu tanda pengorbanan bagi seluruh umat Islam di dunia dengan bermulanya al-kisah Nabi Ismail yg bermimpi kena korbankan anaknya Nabi Ibrahim. tetapi, semua cubaan utk memenggal leher anaknya gagal.
Kemudian sebagai tebusan ganti nyawa Ismail telah diselamatkan itu, Allah memerintahkan Nabi Ibrahim menyembelih seekor kambing yang telah tersedia di sampingnya dan segera dipotong leher kambing itu oleh beliau dengan parang yang tumpul di leher puteranya Ismail itu. Dan inilah asal permulaan sunnah berqurban yang dilakukan oleh umat Islam pada tiap hari raya Aidiladha di seluruh pelosok dunia also known as Hari raya HAji.

eheh....lets all take a moment to njoy this video. :D

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

cute eih??hehehe..

oh man....i just realized, the results are out. but unfortunately, *embarrassed to said* i check today, so that mean. im too late. the last day to check was yesterday. ohhh man.
whatever, its not like the end of the world or anything.haha..this semester totally screw my result!! damn u. i mean me.hahaha....

o yeah...
i just found out this blog from someone.u've got to check this out. totally cute!!!
Well, for a start, it’s not A blogger, it’s TWO bloggers.

Secondly, meet the bloggers themselves.

Berry and Lemon.

I am not even kidding.

Go on, click on that link. It’s really their blogs. It’s the blog of the Ribena character, Berry, and his girlfriend, Lemon. Yes, the ones you see on TV. Yes, the ones that meet and fall in love by the lake and start running towards each other slow mo and a Bollywood song starts playing, “Haaaaa aaaa ... curi curi hai hai curi curi hai hai curi curi hai hai” I SWEAR TO GOD THAT’S HOW THE SONG GOES.

It’s really, really them! I’m telling you! It’s the purple round berry named, um, Berry and it’s the yellow Lemon with eyelashes! You remember how they ran towards each other and ta-dah Ribena Lemon?


Can you believe they have blogs now? I mean I know they have eyes and hands, but who knew they had brains as well right? (JOKING I AM JOKING.) Damn funny to see fruits blog about their life la hahaha and aww they make such a sweet couple too! Oh I just realized I could have meant that literally.

Also, Berry is actually funny! Go check out their blogs ok and pester this Berry to update!!