Tuesday, July 28, 2009

uhuk uhuk..;(


waaaaAAAaaaa~~~~~Today i got to take a leave.!!ehehee..sonok actually ;))
Im just not feeling too well. Yesterday memang start dari sakit tekak je..pastu on the way balik mmg rasa cam nak pengsan je. x larat doh.........bawak keter pon cam lembik2.uhuu..
memang malm tu demam. DEm!!!! i cant beliv it. me??get sick??? jarang sekali.

better now than later k.

tapi kalo nak ambil MC kat klinik kene jumpa Doc. and she will give me pills that mostly i already have in my house. y should i pay around rm60 for something that i already have???? That's y la xnak jumpa Doc.. just kene negotiate wif my trainer la esok so that my elaun x potong.
seryesly..malas giler. But today feeling a bit better la than yesterday.
Dont like this feeling!!!!

so hari ni lehla settlekan apa2 yg patut berkenaan konvo.huuuu..... ;p

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

semkin byk semkn susah~~


i just got to another one interview at ONG company- H*******....sdn bhd.
GIler laa..............
dah la kat ceruk mana nth.....tp pikir2 balik, dekt je ngn rumah aku.huhuhu..adoi!!
so mmg sangt memalukan laa....eee.....malunye~~~~!!!!!

ok..citer dari mula.

first2 sampai sesat. pastu dahla hujan lebat.sian sian...
Tp bos x sampai lagi time tuh. so lek2 je dulu.....aku sorang je candidate time tuh. orang lain time lain kot....so....bile BOS dah sampai.....


Dia ckp sori lambt. Then aku plk cakap it's ok..i pun br sampai td sesat sikit (Watt Thee Hell am i thinking ckp camtu.aaaaa.....tetibe je confess aku dtg lmbt gak..iskkkkkkkkkk)
Pastu dia terus mintak tunjuk sijil aku. So aku cam pelik gakla....xsuh aku introduce diri ke apa ni. Camne interview ni. nak speaking ke x??so...campur2 je.hentamla. lgpun company pure 100% bumiputera...cam lek2 je.

pastu direct pulak tu soalan dier..
can u tell me whts the diff btw this and that...
apa beza ni n ni....
pasal FYP aku dia ckp senang giler.
pastu intern buat apa..
pastu give me example of situation of this n this.....
pastu byk giler la soalan teknikal.
aku nak hentam pun cam takut2 sebab background die mmg electrical.
huaahuaaa..~~~~~~~~~lagila nmpk menipu kalau kelentong kan. baik jujur je ckp x ingt.!!!!!
iskkkkkkkkkk~~~rasa cam nk tumbuk je diri sebab x wat homework semlm.


anyway xpela. At least i try jugak dtg walaupun ragu2.
huhu..yeay for me!!!
kalo dpt mmg miracle la.~~~`
kalo x dpt pun ....i kan ade lagi training kt kL tu. so no hal. backup plan banyak~~~

huuu.....experince je. kali ni 1 hour je.ckpla.x larat dah ;p

Monday, July 13, 2009

Interview from company Petronas


Today has been the most nerves wrecking ever in my history life...
kuang3...poyo kejap di situ. ;p

ok just want to share story wif u guys abt my journey today..

ok so nak citer dr mula la.

first..pagi2 aku g fotostat all the documen needed, sebab ahad kedai fotostat tutp. So cam kelam kabut gak la pagi ni. kene ade kt KLCC kul 12.30. so kene kejar ktm kul 11.30. ok la tu kan. Pulak tu aku terlupa bawak gambr, naseb baik dekat lg ngn rumah, so balik rumah jap amik gambar pasport aku tu. ouww..clumsy me!!!!

Pastu cun2 sampai kat KLCC, aku g kaunter nk g level 43, then tetiba dia mintak no bilik sekali, HOW SHOULD I REMEMBER THAT???? aiyoooo!!! aku dah salin dlm buku dah, tp buku tu ak sengaja tinggal dalm kete, sebab malas nk pegang, lapun bwk handbag, pastu kene pegang file pulak tu, bile aku nak bawak beg besar, kawan aku protes pulak, ckp x profesionall!!!! huhuu...
So thats y x bawak buku. Then sebenrnye boleh nk call HR ask for the room number, tapi segan lak, so i called my mum instead. ask my sister to open my emel n check the room number. Punyala lama aku tunggu kat bawah tu, last2 naik atas cun2 12.30pm. huuuuuuuu

After that we are given a form (panjang nak mampos) n ade a little briefing la about the interview session. With me time tu ada 4 orng, 1 of them dah selesai interview, so there's only 3 of us la. sorang dari UKM, sorang tu dah experience from oversee, and me. So im the first candidate at 2.30pm.

Before tu i was given a task : FLU PANDEMIC
so nanti kene terang kan kat panel what is the problem, whts the benefit, what do u understand from the passage, plan for short and long term for future n etc.
NASIB baik bagi masa nak pikir, boleh goreng2 sikit ayat. huhu...

masuk2 bilik je. ade 2 jejaka middle age man. duduk tersergam sambil senyum lebar d bibir. So aku punye neves tu tetibe je hilang. heheee.....pastu sorang tu ckp, from the pic x nmpk sgt tinggi u, tp ur quite tall la. 5 foot what eih? so ..aku pun goreng2...lalalaaa..cakap melayu selamber je.nasib bukan dr HR. ok la friendly. :)

So all together there was basically 4 task la .

1- about urself ( time ni kan aku dah prepare siap2 tau, but the panel kept interupting me everytime i wanna speak. huuu......rosak speech aku)
2- talk about the task- FLU - time ni memang kene hentam teruk gak la, but aku cool je, yang penting jgn panik and senyum n just be confident wif ur answer.
3- role play ( WOooooo dia tnya aku nk jadi apa. So aku ckpla i wanted to be a manager-belagak sehhhhh................) pastu tup tup dpt soalan susah. agak susah jugakla nak goreng sebab its a office situation. So soalan dia camni : ada kecurian kt tmpt kerja anda, and staff ke situ tuduh trainee baru yg curi. As a manager how do u handle this situation? and the panel become the staff......
so actually aku kena 3 role play. panjang jugakla cerita dier. penat nk jawab...
4- hardest time u faced n solved it . last one is how u handle many task ( yg ni aku blur sikit nak jawab sebab ak bg statement dia xnak, dia nk experience aku)..huhu..

Soo..... thats about it. 2 hours or so. Aku rasa cam terlebih senyum je.pastu last2 tu ak tetngl handbag aku lepas aku kuar dr bilik. ouhh..clumsy lagii!!!! demm u gurl!!!! buat malu.

hurm....xdela mengharap sangat pun. But i've tried my best. All i can do now is pray for the result to come out positively. If not mayb somewhere out there, there's a chance for me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

blurr- ing


finally my dream job has given me the oppurtunity to have an interview there~~~
ohhh dream job..
will u come true?????
I surely will try my best next week
I am so freaking out, but calming at the same time.
fuhhhh***** ~~~
looks like most of my closest friends didnt get in. i f i really have an oppurtunityto work there, it wont be any fun for the first few weeks la. IF I GOT IN ok.
sure will try my best.
my dream job~~~uuuu~~~~

Hope for the best,
Strive for the best.
Seek for different things,
Try different ways...

wish me luck.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Im lost


whats the current issues nowdays???

- first we have the HINI virus spreading worldwide - the world is just not safe to live in
- economy getting much better in asia
- michael jackson died....!!! what a chaos..hahaaa
- wars - i mean attcked in china
- Iraq have just declared their so called independence day!! 30 June 2009 - US leaving. I hope theyre gone for sure.
- also there's this one news ive read, MAEI- is about to hired a lot of electrical eng starting in August. Sounds good right. Just wait and see...

what else ha....
cam byk sangt but couldnt remember......heheee

p/s : i like my class~~~wee~~~

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It wasn't that bad


Ok. So i went there. u know to the training centre i mentioned in my previous post. ehe.. ;p
It wasn't all that bad. Just that kene bangun pagi n beratur naik ktm je pagi2.
Just like intern dulu.. huhu.....thank god bukan balik ofis hour. uhu

my friend mostly dah kene panggil oleh pet. I hope they didn;t forget me.
aiiyakkk!!! takutnyee...sikit je baru recommended. If not recommended kene bayar balik lak tuh..
xmooo3!!!!!! aahhhh!!!!!!!

ok ok

if anything interesting happen in my life, i'll sure will update again. ehee...

need to sleep.

need to sleep

need to sleep