Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DIY (do it urself)

want to know a secret about how to make your eyelashes become curly(lentik)....
well......here's some tips DIY(do it yourself) i found it in some artical in a few weeks ago newspaper.
  1. wet your eye gently with clear water
  2. take some gam and put it on cotton bud
  3. then take something thin and long, like the white strow of the cotton bud, or lidi,just the right amount to cover the eye lid of your eye.
  4. make take 2 pieces.
  5. close your eyes and put the cotton at ur eyelashes.do this several time until it get hard.
  6. do this procedure repeatedly and wait about 20-30 minutes.
  7. you will find your eyelashes will be lentik 'ker.

well....i do know if it works yet, but I've tried it just now.maybe it does work.just a little bit.need to keep doing this, if you want it to be curl and sexy.


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