Sunday, June 28, 2009

still early~


Its too early to sleep now. Boring bangat!!! nak g ke x training tu...hurm....
cam mlas pun ada...sebab dia training je kot. A lot of my friends also go to all kinds of training. yela government kan syorkan utk g training dulu b4 work.

but but but...........sikit sangat elaun dier. How am i gonna survive out there..cewahh!! hikhik..
seb bek trainng kat KL je. leh kuar like anytime. heh. kla kla..just have it a go.
manala tau suke pulak nanti...kalo aku x suke aku chow! ceh!!! cam company bapak aku je men suke ati nk kuar kuar lak...adohhh!!!!

OK ok OK....try je..before PET call me. demmit call me cepat!!!!! dah berjanggut dah tunggu ni!!!
nanti tunggu lama2 hilang ingatan pulak. ahakz

brunette girl pointing  gun at her head
*gambr hiasan semata-mata

fenin fenin...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

neves breakdown!


i just gotta post something.
my heart is pumping very hard. I have no idea y.
baru nasihat kt member g interviu, i lak yg over2 neves. apa kes..??????

when is it gonna be my turn??? omg!!! kalo lambat neves...kalo cpt pun neves gak. i need a vacation! this tense is making me nausea. ;p


Friday, June 19, 2009

my car is shiny *_*


i just had my car re- paint- bright red ang-ang.
lol ;p
u have too wear sunglases just to get in the zon (cool la sangat) hahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!
haritu servis dah 2K. ni cat lagi dah 1k. my car is more expensive than brand new car. Too bad, its not under my care soon......dem! byk abiskan duit kt kereta ni.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunway Lagoon~~~ :)


Im just back from Sunway lagoon. although its just 5 min away from my house. This is the 1st time I've ever been here. ahakkzzz~~ ( malu lak nk ckp). lalalaaaa...............
kitorang amik wet world & adventure park. = RM48 each

Im so tired right now.! Huargghh...~~~~~~~penat2. kawan i Su tu siap muntah lagi. tapi g toilet la kan. sian....... kitorng naik yg 360 degree tu 2 kali. satu tu pirate ship n the other one yg ade gate kt tepi2 tu. 1st tu aku mmg xnak giler2.

cuak siot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meee coward???? no way!!!!!!!
got to prove myself i can. ahakz~~

gile sakit like hell la. time dia nak ketatkan the belt tu. auto. dem yuh!!! sakit doh.
nasib i ni perempuan. kalo lelaki i bet it hurts more...bcoz dia press gile2 ba** kt tuttttt~~~
n ofcoz. me the drama queen. jerit macam nak mati. tapi keluar2 je ride tu. it wasnt tht scary man. gile best!!! hahahahaaaaaa!!!!!!

dem! best2.sampai sakit anak tekak aku nih!
sambil2 tu usha jejaka2 kacak sambil mandi manda.auww...... lol!!

saya naik ni tau ;p

boleh katakan...naik semua la....
yeah! lets do this again

hehe ;))

Saturday, June 13, 2009

movie maniac!!


cant wait for the upcoming movies!!

Transformers revenge
Twilight new moon.


this whole time money just streaming down the atm machine.

need 2 work.
n fast!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My report duty is done!!


This morning......alhamdulillah...dah siap report diri ke sponsorship unit.
All my document have been given. and my support letter have been approved! eventough its a last minit thing. hahahaaa!!!!

U need to change ur attitude beb!! c'mon...!!!!

Now just need to prepare mentally for structured interview pulak! dem! cuak siot!
but donno yet la when. Just whoped for the best. tadi yg g, Tyra, Ben and Ella. so diorang ade gap like 4 hours waiting for their turn! wth! giler lambat tu....mesti dah mood dah down.

and tadikan g OGA (Oil & Gas Asean)2009 wif my frens. WOW!!!
like the biggest exhibition i've been so tadi pun i dont think i have walked half the hall.
because we eat2 and chitchatting until 2pm. When we got where to go???? lets start with the left. mostly instrumentation! ~~yes~~now i know, there's a lot of oppurtunity for me out there. so relax la.....but not too relax~~

so stop at one company pun, explaination sampai half n hour. nak chow pun x reti dah.hahahaa...
so walk2 until 4.20pm like that because dont want to be too avoid lrt traffic.
Naza ajak jumpa pun dah lmbt beb. sorila.hahaaa. yg jumpa tadi pun Nasyrik (yes dia ingt aku) and Che' Wan Suhaili. ..... hehee.. ;p

haa...if im recommended to work there(IF) i repeat IF ok. there's a lot more time to see u guys k. IF. dont want to held up my head to high. I do have a lot of weaknesses. So its a tough luck!

If im not lazy...mayb i'll go finish my other half hall there.. IF!
Im also confused y my frens are so dem semangat about this
~~~oh well~~~~
experience is lerning

dad going overc pulok... ;(


my dad just got transfer to uzbekistan(mind my spelling)....on tuesday (10/6/09)
for 2 freaking long years...goshhh~~~
Pray for his health and wish for the best for him. Always...
Also really2 hoped that he will come to my konvokesyen on August. If not i will paksa him to come jugak..
not that far tough.....only like 6 hours flight.

come home always~~... :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

haha hehe haha huu ;p


Just like i said. gonna update today rite..huhu.. ;p
after discussing with my mum n dad. They didn't approve it. yaikz!!!!!
i think it's an oppurtunity, but i guess.....mayb not to them. huhuu...
mayb bcoz its a training program.  
byk pulak tu dapat. tadi pun ade lagi another training kat KL pulak.
Haritu ada gak received a col from company apa nth....1st x angkat sebab kat lua time tu, then when i try to call back, dia ckp nanti dia col balik.....???? company apa tu. tetiba aku jadi pekak pulak...WTH! xpala..sabar menunggu ni.

hurm..........xkan nk duk umah je kott!!!  nonono....

actually i x kisah sangt...baru berapa minggu rite??? lek ar.
But all those people kept asking u dah keje ker?? WTH....!!
What's wrong wit them???? they got issues...hehee..
boleh gile dibuatnya...nasibla member2 i ramai x keje lg, so cam lek lagi la...hakhakkk

cam nak keje part time gak, ambik experience dulu, but where to start???? hurm.....should i be walking down the road asking for job, or can i trust the internet by emelling every company who has vacancy written on their web page????????


Align Center

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Am i doing the right choice??


i just got an interview for tommorow.
suke hati i je kan!!
whatever la....hentam jela....
hope x sesat la esok d tgh2 kota raya nuh.
ill update 2morrow!
wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Finally result dah kua!!!yeay~~~


just as i arrived at home. first thing i do is ok..wash my face....blablabla.....
then go strait to labtop. Then open my aimsweb to check my result.
just as I've 1 JUN 2009. seryesly at 12 midnight tu the results are out. and the internet berjalan dengn lancar je.....
xdela pulak connection wif the server or whatsoever.......UTM punya server santekla!!!
x macam tutttt....~~~~lalalaalaaa~~~~~

wanna know wat i got??

jeng jeng jeng...........

to be continued .....................

WTH....kdding k. nak gtau la nie....haha...
i got ckp2 mknla.
palng eden x puas ati my project la. i only manage to get B+???? 
WTH is B+??? adoiiiyaaaii....sabar jela.. it must be my dem repot. I already told u repot sucks sebab nk cept sgt balik.

HAMEKK kau!!!!!

so cam msgla...faiz n apiz ni. faiz got an A, Apiz plk got B-.. hmphhhhhhh......
nthla....maybe the sum up kot. but still.....B+???? goshhh
xpala....dah nasib kot.
Alhamdulillah...dean list jugak.
heheee.......syukur. :)

but still need to wait for the transcript utk lapo diri. DEM.! xpa.
prepare2 diri tuk interview dulu.....
if im selected of coz.

wish me luck!

Monday, June 01, 2009

cuppp!! whats so great bout Penang again???? XD


I just got back from Penang......
alaaaaaa...sekejap sangt........x sempat den nak jalan lama2...... ;(
act. sedara i..abg Lan tu kawin. so OTW..makan angin la...hak hak...
wat to say????????

Penang dulunya..tempat melayu....u know....ramai orng mamak ISlam kat sana....but now??
from my view.......i cannot see any. even food there is hard to find. Nasi kandaQ pun x jumpa.
yang jumpa pun cikai2 tepi jalan....x BEST langsung la. best lagi kat taipan nih. hakhak.
maybe ada......cuma x jumpa je..hehe... ;p . Hawa pun msg lambat.
banyak orang cina la. yela..sekrng kan dah DAP. standard ar.

JAMmed pulak kat bridge kat KL pun ada. hak hak... ;p
wat?? normal ???? not wat i had in mind. Tulaaa Simaaaa...jgn expect lebih2...hahaha..XD

jangan pergi bukit kayu hitam niiiii!!!!
aaaahhh!!! x besh langsung. i thought its cheap. BUt its just NOT!!!! tapi beli jugakla coklat...coz its my fevret...apa lagi. mtk kat abah la....$$$$$$

BESTNYA DUK kat LABUAN dulu> DEM>..... miss those days......
tapi. dah puas makan coklat dah...heheee.. ;p

patutla orang cakap....bek g Padang Besar drp kayu itam ni..TAPI dengeres gakla. dahla dah agak petang. takut x cukup masa je. sebab samapai sini pun dah kul 4. nak balik KL lagi. huh...mmg midnight drive la baru sampai. y does my mum always says 'jangan berangan sima', walhal...i concentrate je time driving.its driving me crazy.....* lalalaaaaa.......

P/S : o yea..i witness a dead guy kat highway.... DEM!!! ( ada pics tp mls nk nunjuk)
motor kene gilis ngn lori. still tersepit bwh lori kat celah2 tyr time i got there.
Moga2 kita tergolong dengn orng yg cermat d jaln raya. amin...