Monday, April 19, 2010

Mendekatkan diri Dgn KematiAn.


my weekend last week was very tiring.
But i enjoyed it very much, seems like i appreciate my life so far.
ecehhh..... ;p

Haritu, supposedly we want to buy our tiket bus for our journey episode..jeng3...
But, the ticket lady says, u have to go at least one week before the schedule plan, due to technical maintenance or something. So the main objective is not achieved yet.grr...

Then, we were lost for a moment, not sure wat to do, of us decided to go to the MUzeum for the pameran keranda.
DAripada tgk movie Rm10, baek g muzeum RM2, save bajet sikit. isnt tht so....

There were quite a lot of people, x seperti yg djangkakan.sgt ramai smp bersesak2.isk!
banyak juga la keranda nya....its just like a ghost house!
siap ada sound effect sume.COol! ;)

*muka teruja x boleh bla..huhuhu...*

Dah la first time g muzeum negara. agak jakun jugakla, walopon mmg orng kl.ngahak.
n first time jugakla solat d masjid negara.uhu..

my stomoch still hurt, from the overdue workout! yaikz!isk..
n i have a new hobby starting tomorrow! cant wait~~~ahahaa...~~


harap maklum.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I didnt get in!


the results are finally out.

I knew from the very start, that im not gona get in. but i still wana give hope to it.
my bad! at least now my heart is calm. i like to know the truth, rather than waiting for it.!


The result are quite frustrating coz i didnt get in! while all my other friends didnt know their result yet, and they still have a chance. who knows. i wish them best of luk!
I mean its just the 4 of us, if i didnt get in, would be quite embarassing!!
apa2 la..nothing for me to loose.

okla okla

no more

i knoe its for the best.

but im not quite upset about only that, there's also this one teeny tiny thing thats been bugging me! urghh.....its a mix feeling~ im not sure y. but its complicated!
Maybe its time to think about all this kinda staf.
I mean we are all growing up, sooner or later, there's gonna be that other person "our soulmate" who's going be with us until death do us part.

i need some space to think! Its not an easy decision to make.Before i came to my senses, i should definitely take some advise from the experinced one. rite guys.huhu

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reality Check!!



dah lama x update my dirty old blog ini! uhuhu...

byk citer sebenrnya..n dono where to start~~

hurm...kalo citer pasal keje, nak dekt 3 mnth jugakla d tmpt kerja baru ini.
The environment so cool, ramai kawan, tu sebb cam bes sikit. eheh..
tp keje agak biase.ahahaa..
compare to the previous job, sgtla x berapa bes. offense!

hurm...nak citer about private life??
naaaa... i dont think so!

Banyak giler kitorng nak planning g berjalan2 nih,
hope everythng will go smoothly as plan!

x sabarnyee..!!! hahaha..

i really need a vacation with my GIRLS!~~~ weee~~

after this i rajin kan diri update my blog ye, walopon diri seniri je yg baca.hahaha...