Sunday, December 30, 2007

cuti almost over~~wuwu~~


sad gle coz nk habis cuti dah.
bukan sad ape, bcos i mmg baik gle with my gonna miss them.wuwu.~~~
i pun x sbr gak nk jumpe my fren kt utm not ready tuk blaja yet.
ni semua bcoz of my damn NOT SO GOOD
i only manage to got 3.46..skit lg ma...mane x geram...Kawan2 i mostly dapat dean.
yg girls la.yg lelaki i dunno cam poyo je diorg tu.bukan nk mengata but its true wht.girls lg mantap.ngeh3..................................

i dah stat pakai heeel dah..not tht u can imagine.!!!!
td ijam col...ape nth dia ckp, gue pn sik phm..somthng about kawan dia kim salam..
ape ijam????

man...isnin nk balik dah...erm....hurm..internet pn mayb susah jgk nk online.
biasela utm ......

--3.17 am-

Friday, December 21, 2007

hari raye korban~~~~


act dah masuk hri seterusnye dah sebab dah pukul 2 am.
anyway,dah lame x sambut hari raye haji with my sedare mare...........sebab dulukan duk sbh so cam susah sikit.

anyway............penat tau..because ni pun baru blk dr senawang,belah abah buat bbq.macam2 sampai daging kambing pn tua x makan byk sangt takut darah tinggi ke terpaksela i and the rest finish it all up.

petang tadi pulak geng2 kak ura ijan along semua eda x dtg golf..huhu..
pastu cadang2 nk g genting,sauqi beria nk g,cakap jemput dia kt rumh,nk kemas2.hehehe..
tp x taula musim sekrg ni,its just tak menentu.
sometimes hujan sometimes nt.
tp kt subang ni hujan x teruk pun,renyai2 je...xtaula daerah lain kan...............

so......wht else????erm.....dono wht to say, too tired. lgpun td i yang drive from here to senawang.
penat gile,semua org pun tido.
well.....gtg...chow chin chow beb.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

21 years old alredy~~

hepi besday 2 me...
hepi besday 2 me...
hepi besday 2 syima...
epi besday 2 me.~~~

i just cant beliv it.i dah masuk 21 yrs old.dh anak dare btl dah ni.
but still x matured2 lg.perangai cam childish je.
x celebrate mane pun.
ade acik pin n family dtg bawak wan jalan2, pastu abah belila KFC, tu kire celebrate gakla kan..
im to old for celebrate anyway..heheheh..........

anyway, naseb duk kt rumh, boleh tuntut prezent.
so far my whole family dah bg accept Tam.da blk esok.
cant wait,adela geng dewase skt.
kalo bdk2 ni mlas aku nk bwk jalan.
leceh....nanti semua nk ikut. jht kan i...hahahahhhahhaha

Thursday, December 13, 2007


well...its,"NEC".let me just describe a litle...
  • intel core duo processor
  • 1.66Ghz,2Mb L2 Cache,667Mhz...
  • 1GB Intel turbo memory
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • 160GB sata hard disk
  • dvd super multi DL+/- Optical drive
  • integrated 1.3M webcam....
  • wireless connection 802.11b/g

o yea..n not new phone.
i beli kat low dptla murah skit.
penat tau nak bargain.
at first i dpt RM700...nthen xde stock plk.kene ambik kt kedai ain for RM730.
ayah aku pn cam dh tensen lame beli je la..hehehe

so i got 2 brand new thing.
oyeah.SONY ERICSSON BRAND K550i-(cybershot)
cool eh..
hehehe...x ambik gambr lg.
nanti i upload ok.
its been a long time since i write in ths blog.
siap tersalh masuk emel lg tu.panic jap td.

anyway yg bestnye..kat rumh i ni dpt free wifi.isnt t cool n amazing..blhla dwld ape2 from anywhere...hehehe..
i'll write again soon ok.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

back in UTM

its been 2 weeks already im in K9.
its not so bad.yea,....with all my coursemate nearby,
its actually fun.really.
last time i met nana, my best friend in formal school in kuantan.she's free haired now.
guess its just the way the city girl are now.
anyway, we had a blast. and i stayed at her sister's house in KTHO.
o yeah, forgot to tell about my skin problem.i ada beli this one produck 'my'
yeah..not suitable for me.
my face become all red and exfoliate.mengelupas teruk.and that thig, well....all i can say that, its not cheap.!!
got to do my assignment.

Friday, July 06, 2007

cleaning time.

I'll be back at UTM on saturday.and obviously, theres a lot of thing to be pack!
just now, i went back to highscool, and found my old diary!i cant believe, even if its lock, well...i had my sister key to open it.its the same key for little magga thing.

anyway, cant believe i was such a dork back then in primary school. Look i even have a whole bunch of book, to keep my collected eh.still got it.wanna trade???

Ni pulak, sikda keje pas SPM.still remember this one.be4 we went to all the troubles for publishing this book, we have to buy a book 1st, got it from an article in the newspaper "anda mahu kaya"????cool beli la kitorang.thats what inspired us to do this book, yeah...with nothing else to do.see the name bottom right.Shima and Hazirah!haha...sell for RM10 each.mahal siot!!!but its worth it.
Cant believe this one pulak.Found my old dirty full of secrets diary!ada yang gift from a friend, ada yng beli sendiri.2gether with the autobiography book.sempat lagi gue sneak a peek into some of my writing stuff. lucu bangat.zaman sekolah dulu.not that im thingking of the past, but just the memory from it, refreshen and mirrored myself today.what a mattured young women i've become.cheh..!!heheh......

Monday, July 02, 2007


This book is also from the famous writer....Cecily Von Ziegesar. Come to think of it, its actually
connected to gossip girl.Jenny Humprey, the junior girl with the big E size :p,
totally about her now, changing to boarding school at Waverly.
ok heres some of the synopsis i get from the back of the book :

Determined to leave her Manhattan past behind her, Jenny sets off to Waverly with big plans of reinventing herself. She'll be a goddess- she's a sophisticated city girl, after all!!-
and will find a boy who can properly worship her. But's thats going to be a little tricky since her self-absorbed new roommates, Callie Vermont and Brett Messerchmidt, arent exactly there to help.
unless there's something in it for them.

Try it! its fun...u'll see.btw, this isn't axactly my book, its my sis,.....sori sis...pinjam jap :p

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

gossip girl

Ever heard of a book called Gossip girl??'s some of my experience with it.I've been through 10 chapter by this
simply #1 bestselling series by Cecily Von Ziegesar.Although it can be quite intriguing and out of hand sometimes, but i think its a best way to improve your English.ain't it true?
What better way to expand your knowledge and writing by reading some of great work of author.
Actually its about a rich teenagers with with daily routine. i know it sounded kind of boring, but trust me......its not!
You can find out more on their website which is

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Just watched the 2nd fantastic 4 with my buddies earlier.ape ntah name tajuk dia.
not to bad la.well....i had a blast.sitting at the top floor, with our leg streched out.haha... x senonoh tol.(opps)!'s some intro for you out there, who never even heard of this movies.

The four core friends and family members that are traditionally associated with the Fantastic Four, and who gained superpowers after being exposed to cosmic rays during an outer space science mission (accompanied with victor von doom) are:

  • Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), the leader of the group, a scientific genius who can stretch his body into incredible lengths and shapes.
  • The Invisible Woman (Susan "Sue" Richards, born Storm; originally the Invisible Girl), Reed Richards' wife, the team's second-in-command. Beautiful and intelligent, Susan Storm can render herself invisible and project powerful force fields.
  • The Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Sue's brother, who can surround himself with flames, generate them as well, and fly.
  • The Thing (Ben Grimm), their grumpy friend with a heart of gold, who possesses superhuman strength and endurance, his skin is monstrous, craggy, orange, and looks as if made of scales or plates (often mistakenly referred to as "rocks"). Known for his great courage and fighting skill in addition to his strength, as evidenced by his battle against the Champion of the Universe.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

show me love

catching up

Its not who i am, its who i want to be.yeah..many people have been asking these same question over and over again.What am i going to be in 10 years time??
I admit that im not a very good planner and I have some problems on indecisive.
Here's what I have to say.....
"whats the good of life, if we already knows whats going to happen".
and I dont like to plan things,I do it spontaneously.Ok maybe I do need a plan for nessasary things.
I have 2 years ahead of me, before i start graduating.
Maybe i do need a plan, to improve myself n I,to become a better person.(u know what i mean)
here's a list of things I want to achieve during my study :

  1. consentrate more on study
  2. try to save up the money, for NEEDED things only!
  3. loose a few KG..seriously.
  4. lessen the activity in Uni-time wasted
  5. STOP wasting time
  6. STOP watching enime/drama
  7. be nice to others
  8. THINK before u talk!
  9. be patience while teaching others (a Must)
  10. stop EATing late at nite
  11. Do NOT say YES to all invitation related!
  12. try to wear matching clothes

Thats all i can think of right now.If i think of something later, then ill put it on.





Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DIY (do it urself)

want to know a secret about how to make your eyelashes become curly(lentik)....'s some tips DIY(do it yourself) i found it in some artical in a few weeks ago newspaper.
  1. wet your eye gently with clear water
  2. take some gam and put it on cotton bud
  3. then take something thin and long, like the white strow of the cotton bud, or lidi,just the right amount to cover the eye lid of your eye.
  4. make take 2 pieces.
  5. close your eyes and put the cotton at ur this several time until it get hard.
  6. do this procedure repeatedly and wait about 20-30 minutes.
  7. you will find your eyelashes will be lentik 'ker.

well....i do know if it works yet, but I've tried it just now.maybe it does work.just a little bit.need to keep doing this, if you want it to be curl and sexy.


teka teki

i know, u all must have heard this like a thousand times,
but i still want to post this silly thing.just heard it out ok.hah!
Try not to look at the answer first.

1. Kuih ape yang bungkusnya di dalam, isinya di luar?
Kuih salah bikin.
2. Binatang ape power Karate?

Kuda belang.cube kira brape black belt dia ade.
3. Siape yang menemukan dompet kulit?

Yang menemukan dompet kulit tersebut tolong pulangkan kepada saye.
4. Pintu ape yang walaupun dengan 10 org pun tak leh nak tolak?

Pintu yang ade tulis ‘TARIK’
5. Saya ade 3 kepala,4 tangan dan 5 kaki…siapakah saya?

6. Apa dia ‘Jauh di mata, dekat di hati…’?

7. Binatang ape yang seluruh anggota tubuhnya kat kepala?

Kutu rambut
8. Nenek sape jalannya meloncat-loncat?

Neneknye si katak
9. Kenape lelaki jarang kene penyakit anjing gila?

Sbb lelaki ni kan ‘buaya’
10. Ape beza sekretari baik ngan sekretari kurang baik?

Sekretari baik………………’Selamat pagi tuan’Sekretari kurang baik………..’Dah pagi ni tuan’
11. Ape persamaan Michael Jordan ngan Michael Jackson?

Dua-dua tak kenal korang…hehe
12. Tukang ape yang kalau dipanggil, die menjenguk ke atas?

Tukang gali kubur
13. Nak mencari sikit punye susah, bile dah dapat buang, ape bendanya?

Tahi hidung
14. Ape persamaan kain jemuran ngan telefon?

Dua-dua kalau dah ‘kringgg’ bole diangkat…
15. Knape pokok kelapa kat depan rumah harus ditebang?

Mestilah kene tebang, sape nak cabut pokok kelapa …gile ape…
16. Gajah terbang dengan ape?

Dengan susah payah……

Sunday, June 17, 2007

my coursemate SEI peps!

While i still have some time, maybe i can introduce to u some of my friends out here in UTM.
my good, dear,best friend .
While im still in my adolescent year.Im not 21 year yet right!
ok so.....

ok.this is a picture of all my girls in SEi class.we only have about 10 girls, and the rest are boys.

This picture is taken during Iza besday.Iza(red) and mimi(yellow).kitorang kat MCD sebelah UTM.This memory cannot forgot one lor.........because, its just after we had our JKM meeting

and just discuss thorougly, what happened in our previous year.haha.arent tey cute??

Ni pulak...Syahirah...This picture she send me through mms,on the phone.haha..Shes all different now.actually, shes my fren in highschool, but then i moved to Sabah, and stayed here until now!Shes now taking bussiness i guess in Uitm,sa.

This is Nana.Sharipah Nadzirah.called her nana eversince form 1.She's my bestest friend.and yet still contact her, until not sure whts shes doing right now, but she said, still studying.miss her so much!

This is my coursemate.They are my friend to lepak2 and hangout with.fazila,elya and Juwita.

Whenever i asked them to go out,they wont dissapoint me!hehe...its great to have them as your freind.We help each other a lot. Thats the key to our success

Me and Fazila.I think my face look chubbier. o my god!ok oko ok....this is fazila. my ex rumate in first year and 1st year semester in UTm, not until i moved out to be JKM and stayed at S24, with the rest of the squad.hah! Its for our good sakes of course.
I know she can be a bit boring, skema, always studying, hard to teach other, lonely....but thats what makes me like her.We always be there for each other.
great.thats alll so far. till then (^_^)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

comunity service at tanjung piai

i had program a while aga on 4,5,6 may 2007.
program anak angkat at Tanjung Piai,somewhere not far away from Skudai actually,
about 110 km.around 1.3o hour to get there.

that was my very first comunity service.and i really enjoyed it.very!!
It was great. family actually was the ketua kampung.tu yg best tu.
boleh mencapub sikit.eheheh..
and my partner, Amalina.she is veryla sporting, i thought she was arrogant and all,
coz she doesnt talk that much.but once i get to know her, shes just like me.
n my parents said were "kanak-kanak ribenna".haha.!!

The white tudung is Amalina,and the coklat is jijah, her fun having her to be my sister, couldnt as for other.heheh.
Amalina takes civil.n guess what, tetibe je dia kenal sinyu n brandon.terkezut. nthen she told me that, time balik tu dia ada tnye, whether they know me or not, n they said.yes.haha....
buat malu....!!gosh2..naseb bek its hard to see them around kat UTM tu, kalo x...i pun xtau.heh

ni pulak duk kat depan rumah ngan jiran2 tetangga.

yang oren kat tgh2 tu my ayah Rohaizad.
dua laki sebelah tu jiran, datang rumah kitorang makan.awal pulak tuh!huhu..
buat malu je, kitorang x mandi lagi.haha...
syah and raj.Raj is mpp actually.
Syah tu biase je, hes a computer science.

This is my friend.nana, elya n me!!
we had so much fun there!semua keluarga lain2,tapi paling susah nk jumpe, nana la, coz she lived quite far from our house.

This my Fasilatotor grup.
kitorang ada 4 org, norman, Syed, me and Elya.
Grup n mmg ntah ape2, byk lawak bodoh je, nk merepek, cakap aku x pandai masak.hey, sape ckp!!!
im in fact a good cooker!
but couldnt asked for a better one!Grup ni mmg best, siap habis awal n meronggeng g jalan2 kat rumah aku.
Norman belanje aiskrim $0.20.
pastu kita melancong kt rubah adik2 tu, sian nak balik rumah, tapi jauh gle...serious, aku bawak kete Huda, adela, around 15 minit.mmg jauh gle.

This is che'lah.our leader.
dia ni MPP UTM, hes the one who invited us to join this program.

hes under perhubungan luar.mmg best gle, join jabatan nie.
n hes such a cute n best leader.haha...
sporting bangat.I mean, kalo ade kitorang lagila best program ni, cause we are so loud and hyperactive, especially, dapat tau, kampung ni xde semangat kerjasama.tu yang kite nak tarik org kampung ni.

first memory n i will cherish it 4 ever!great time.

Friday, June 15, 2007

i just got scammed!!!

today i just got scammed.!

kurang asam punye org.
tibe2 pg td ade msg said i won RM10000.
mane x caye, siap ckp under petronas
company.huh...nk jatuhkn name syrkt la
dah la...aku mmg ade kaitn ngan pet.
mane x caye.
nthen dia srh col.
dgn excitednye aku no akaun.
tp naseb bek stakat tu ja.
he asked me macam2, duit dlm bank ada berape??whats that for???

baru aku sedr,apsal org ni..suh aku g
bank atm, pastu nk ajar aku cara2 nk
proses...??what the heck that needs to
process????aku pn x phmla.

n then it hit me!!!omg.mesti dia nk tipu
aku!!!dgr mcm suara indon.

aku pn panicla....dahla my mum ckp macm2, ckp "tula, cept sgt percayenye"
pastu aku suh mk aku htr g atm machine dekt ngan rumh ni.
ingat nk keluarkn duit sikit, but i can only keluarkn a thousand.
balik je rmh........cpt2 col daddy aku.
pastu ayh aku suh col bcb,tnye dia
still blh kuarkn duit ke after aku bg
no accaunt.
naseb bek x blh.cuak jgk!!!
i hope nothin happend la.
alhmdullilah...naseb bek sedar jgk.
tibe2 menang..pelik jgk!dah la tgh tido.
tp still x blh bgn jgk pagi tu, around 7.
dah kul 10 gtu bru bgn, n i called the people around 2.30pm.heee...
tgk tu, money is not tht important rite?heee....

tibe2 just now, aku baca paper mmg ada
benda mcm ni.dari negara asing.huh!
kureng.nak kaya guna cara haram.
n ada jgk guna online bank ja.huh...lg skrg mcm2 blh buat, nk kaye

so....people out there...
watch out,kalo dpt msg yg kata anda
menang beribu ringggit, cek first.
before its too late k.


only 3 more to go

can u believe it.after all while, i was spending much time on the computer.eventhough its a bit hard.ive been watching full house.its burned.
so..only 3 more episode to go.wheee!!!
than only i can continue mith my books. is your One Stop Shop
Get More at


i guess the internet doesnt go so well.
n im pretty darn upset of the news i just heard.
all of a sudden si alan tu, he said, im notaccepted to be ajk mhs(orientation day)
man..he could have told me earlier.
xdela i mengharp sangat.who does he think he is.
oh man.miss my friends.

[] Click here to get one

Thursday, June 14, 2007

hey there!

its a bit sad though.all my friends invite me 2 go 2 reunion.
but its just too far for me.damn it!
but im going back to UTM soon.
cant wait.dont know what im craving for, but theres just something about that place that makes me wanna come.
i guess i miss all of friends especially.
hehe.. :p they must think im crazy coz writing this down right now.what the heck.
im looking for banner anyway.where can i find one?
myspace icons
Myspace Icons

all about me!!
till then

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

what a day

how many times do i have to call the centre.!!!
its been like 3 times already.
i hope this one dont bring any probs now..that i call the technician.
internet problem ma.......susah nak acess!

i just finished this book -conversations with the fat girl-by Liza Palmer.since when did i read books like this???hehehe.....
act its my sisters,well...with nothin better to do at home, i might as something.
my sister,Tam,.....she has a lot of stack book at the cupboard.i wonder if she'd finished all of it.

its kind of cool...knowing what fat girl feels like...i mean....not like im fat or anything, just like we should know how it feel like.. stopping judging books by its cover!
not all people are thin, n well if they do, they might not as themself.nonetheless....always seems like theres something wrong with themself and judging themself..

haha..what am i mumbling about!better stop now.
anyway..i have this new hobby, watching all episode of full house.last time i want to cd writer is broken.but know its might as well.....take all for granted rite.
cya on the next chapter!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

counting the days...

erm.. well......another boring and dull day 4 me.
i cant even go anywhere bcoz its raining. and its now oficially 1.25 the morning.
im n
ot sure, wht im going to do...n i olny hv about 3 weeks until my lecture strts again.

o yeah......let me just share, my trip to INSTEP(teringganu) with a bunch of smart n funny people, who are
selected to be one of Petronas scholarship.i mean, they are really fun to be around with.
n i really gonna miss them a lot. Throughout the entire camp, which is about a week (9 days to be specific) i hv learn so many is so hot there, i just wish i bought an umbrella wit me.damn.!

i dont even know, its going 2 b tht far.i mean, we hv to walk like 3km, 7-10 min to get to the classes.
huh..!!talk about exercising..hehehe... dont really bother me much.

as u can see down there, is my classmte from PRIMAX 2. This class is sooo happening. miss them a lotzz.

Mr Rahmat..our facilitator.hes a great lecturer.
i mean.....seriously, so fun n so experience.
suka bangt dgn dia. :p

this is where we had our breakfast n lunch.
aa....some of them r 3 yrs study.aku sorang je 4 years.
module 3 sik jumpa udah.huhu....gonna miss them.

see that black beg. thats free..n yet nice 2 hold.
suke that beg!!nametag sik penah pakei.!hehe

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

not much

yey.......its been a long time seen ive heard from her.
take a moment 2 enjoy this.

Venessa carlton if u guys r wondering who.

if i could fall into the sky,
did u think time woulnd past me by,
coz u know id walk a thousd mile,
if i could just c u tonite.!!