Wednesday, June 20, 2007

catching up

Its not who i am, its who i want to be.yeah..many people have been asking these same question over and over again.What am i going to be in 10 years time??
I admit that im not a very good planner and I have some problems on indecisive.
Here's what I have to say.....
"whats the good of life, if we already knows whats going to happen".
and I dont like to plan things,I do it spontaneously.Ok maybe I do need a plan for nessasary things.
I have 2 years ahead of me, before i start graduating.
Maybe i do need a plan, to improve myself n I,to become a better person.(u know what i mean)
here's a list of things I want to achieve during my study :

  1. consentrate more on study
  2. try to save up the money, for NEEDED things only!
  3. loose a few KG..seriously.
  4. lessen the activity in Uni-time wasted
  5. STOP wasting time
  6. STOP watching enime/drama
  7. be nice to others
  8. THINK before u talk!
  9. be patience while teaching others (a Must)
  10. stop EATing late at nite
  11. Do NOT say YES to all invitation related!
  12. try to wear matching clothes

Thats all i can think of right now.If i think of something later, then ill put it on.





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