Sunday, June 17, 2007

my coursemate SEI peps!

While i still have some time, maybe i can introduce to u some of my friends out here in UTM.
my good, dear,best friend .
While im still in my adolescent year.Im not 21 year yet right!
ok so.....

ok.this is a picture of all my girls in SEi class.we only have about 10 girls, and the rest are boys.

This picture is taken during Iza besday.Iza(red) and mimi(yellow).kitorang kat MCD sebelah UTM.This memory cannot forgot one lor.........because, its just after we had our JKM meeting

and just discuss thorougly, what happened in our previous year.haha.arent tey cute??

Ni pulak...Syahirah...This picture she send me through mms,on the phone.haha..Shes all different now.actually, shes my fren in highschool, but then i moved to Sabah, and stayed here until now!Shes now taking bussiness i guess in Uitm,sa.

This is Nana.Sharipah Nadzirah.called her nana eversince form 1.She's my bestest friend.and yet still contact her, until not sure whts shes doing right now, but she said, still studying.miss her so much!

This is my coursemate.They are my friend to lepak2 and hangout with.fazila,elya and Juwita.

Whenever i asked them to go out,they wont dissapoint me!hehe...its great to have them as your freind.We help each other a lot. Thats the key to our success

Me and Fazila.I think my face look chubbier. o my god!ok oko ok....this is fazila. my ex rumate in first year and 1st year semester in UTm, not until i moved out to be JKM and stayed at S24, with the rest of the squad.hah! Its for our good sakes of course.
I know she can be a bit boring, skema, always studying, hard to teach other, lonely....but thats what makes me like her.We always be there for each other.
great.thats alll so far. till then (^_^)

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