Tuesday, June 17, 2008


hari ni second day FAT (factory acceptance test). i was doing on whcp.wellhead control panel.quite big and interesting.best sebab u dont have to sit in the office doing absolutely nothing.
better than hang around at factory. barula org kate, taking full opportunity of ur internship program. man,....do i learned a lot. and also gained a lot of new friends among engineer.
nak tgk gambar WHCp, heres some example i will attached :
this picture has a 16 wellhead.
all together wellhead is 32 drawer, therefore, the control is made double,
so we have now 2 control panel, together with IHPU, inst hydraulic pressure unit.

this one on the left , is inside the control panel, with lots of transmitter, depend on how the design specification.
i need to really get the hang of reading P&ID, because
all this majorly depends on it.
thats how it works.

so far, thats all im learning. 2 days is enough eventough this FAT last for 1 week.hehe...
lagipun slide x siap lagi ni. baru balik dari gym seh....dah lame x g.
x determined langsung.
kla, 2 b continued.

-10.19 pm-

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my days during intern


once again.back to writing my days in the blog.
aisey...forgot that i still have this blog thing.hehe...tgk tu nk tulis blog pun punye susah kan.
well.....i already 5 week i thnk doing my intern here at KLCC.
great. first2 day je yg not so great.coz xde org nak bg kerja.
but now im transfering to tower 2, joining a angsi-D project.barula siyok skit beb.
huhu...another 5 week 2 go.but next week satu minggu xde kat ofis.g Puchong buat FAT (factory acceptance Test). nasib baik intern nie dapat my real practical subject kat UTM. tu pun nothing like what i've learned.

banyak gakla kuar2 nie...syok jgk.
tp kalo xde member mmg x best langsung.huuu....

n budak trainee baru masuk lgla syok.rase cam senior pulak.tp ngn org lain panggil akak,
but with me panggil i u jer.aha.....i wonder...
mesti diorng ingat aku baru but the same age.padahal...not!

i was thinking of doing bracess.gigiku berlapisla....i sendiri yg nak buat, with my own money.
ramai gak dah yg i dah gtau. diorg semua -ve response. tp ade gakla yg bg support.
its not that ugly wat....cute per.
xpela....sementara masih muda, just give it a try.hee.....

kla...i'll try writing again 2morrow.
tata 4 now