Wednesday, August 27, 2008

after half nite of not worth it!


Ive been waiting for internet connection from midnite tadi until now baru dapat.
Its like 6.30 am in the moring. and thats never been happening before.!
everything is this coffee fault lar, cannot sleep until now. dahla 2nite at 8pm got E3 test n yet still blogging eih???haahaa...

got date wif Dr Fuad this afternoon,aduii x prepare nih......afraid hes going to eat me again n ask me so many darn question i cant answer, n then i jugak yang will be embarrassed sorang2 kat situ. !!!dont wanna be that girl anymore!!! darn it!!
seriusly....nak jawab ape nanti????


messy kan ini perempuan...haha..

bersihla kunun??after siap study....


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