Friday, July 06, 2007

cleaning time.

I'll be back at UTM on saturday.and obviously, theres a lot of thing to be pack!
just now, i went back to highscool, and found my old diary!i cant believe, even if its lock, well...i had my sister key to open it.its the same key for little magga thing.

anyway, cant believe i was such a dork back then in primary school. Look i even have a whole bunch of book, to keep my collected eh.still got it.wanna trade???

Ni pulak, sikda keje pas SPM.still remember this one.be4 we went to all the troubles for publishing this book, we have to buy a book 1st, got it from an article in the newspaper "anda mahu kaya"????cool beli la kitorang.thats what inspired us to do this book, yeah...with nothing else to do.see the name bottom right.Shima and Hazirah!haha...sell for RM10 each.mahal siot!!!but its worth it.
Cant believe this one pulak.Found my old dirty full of secrets diary!ada yang gift from a friend, ada yng beli sendiri.2gether with the autobiography book.sempat lagi gue sneak a peek into some of my writing stuff. lucu bangat.zaman sekolah dulu.not that im thingking of the past, but just the memory from it, refreshen and mirrored myself today.what a mattured young women i've become.cheh..!!heheh......

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