Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It wasn't that bad


Ok. So i went there. u know to the training centre i mentioned in my previous post. ehe.. ;p
It wasn't all that bad. Just that kene bangun pagi n beratur naik ktm je pagi2.
Just like intern dulu.. huhu.....thank god bukan balik ofis hour. uhu

my friend mostly dah kene panggil oleh pet. I hope they didn;t forget me.
aiiyakkk!!! takutnyee...sikit je baru recommended. If not recommended kene bayar balik lak tuh..
xmooo3!!!!!! aahhhh!!!!!!!

ok ok

if anything interesting happen in my life, i'll sure will update again. ehee...

need to sleep.

need to sleep

need to sleep


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