Monday, July 06, 2009

Im lost


whats the current issues nowdays???

- first we have the HINI virus spreading worldwide - the world is just not safe to live in
- economy getting much better in asia
- michael jackson died....!!! what a chaos..hahaaa
- wars - i mean attcked in china
- Iraq have just declared their so called independence day!! 30 June 2009 - US leaving. I hope theyre gone for sure.
- also there's this one news ive read, MAEI- is about to hired a lot of electrical eng starting in August. Sounds good right. Just wait and see...

what else ha....
cam byk sangt but couldnt remember......heheee

p/s : i like my class~~~wee~~~


Faruq said...

owh so skrg ni buat post-grad training ke? doing great so far eh?

-syim- said...

hahaa....sure2...anything u said.
lol ;p