Saturday, July 11, 2009

blurr- ing


finally my dream job has given me the oppurtunity to have an interview there~~~
ohhh dream job..
will u come true?????
I surely will try my best next week
I am so freaking out, but calming at the same time.
fuhhhh***** ~~~
looks like most of my closest friends didnt get in. i f i really have an oppurtunityto work there, it wont be any fun for the first few weeks la. IF I GOT IN ok.
sure will try my best.
my dream job~~~uuuu~~~~

Hope for the best,
Strive for the best.
Seek for different things,
Try different ways...

wish me luck.


Ms. aMaLina KaMaRuDdIn said...

what's ur dream job?

-syim- said...

oil & gas company...
interview wif petronas.
if ony i can work there~~~
komfom blanja kengkawan time konvo nanti.huahuahuaa