Friday, February 04, 2011

sakit penghapus dosa....


baru blk dr PD. g cuti2 Family skejap.
eventou there's a bit problem goin on, but trip has to continue.

praying 4 my sister to get well soon.
Blame it on the food!

Hey people......ingt2 time kita tgh sihat ni..
Maybe we don realize this much, but trust me....kurangkan makanan fast fud.
especially the gas one.
-quit on gas water
-quit on too much carbs.
-nid more exercise.
-get out! and go joging!

amalkan amalan yg sihat utk jd sihat k.
remember....everyone arounds u get involve...not only u~~


Anonymous said...

JOG nak slim ke nak sihat hahaha

Syim said...

both is a must!

Anonymous said...

hehehe. . .=) tpkan gurl slalu jog aim nk krus bila dlm 3 to 4 nothing lose. . they give up huhuhu. .

sukahatila said...

mayb thats ur girl. not me..

Anonymous said...

siapa makan sos dia rasa pedas..hehehe
peace (>_<)-Y

Syim said...

eihh?? hmmmm.....

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