Wednesday, August 27, 2008

one down, one more to go!


ahaa....just finish test1 on E3 tadi at MSI .quite complicated n fogot some formulas.
AAHhhhhh......baru ingat nk score 1st test.aduiii naa.....

n 2morow still got one more test ON MANAGEMENT. lagila dunno how to study coz all in
objective form.wuwu.....

dahla suppose pagi tadi at 11am i hav appoinment wif Dr Fuad my sv. but out of a sudden my tranducer class finished early like 1 hour, so i decided to go home and edit a little on my PSM.
another half hour to go b4 meeting, i feel very tired la. ye la yesterday i canot sleep punya pasal kan. so mmg mengantok infinity x terkata. i did set my watch. dunno why canot hear pulak.
so awaken je that time almost 12...ahhhh...nak pergi tapi malu pulak sebab lambat.
then i msg my friend pun x balas. so mmg WHATEVER la. then i decided not to go and continue sleeping.
HAHAHA>>>> jahat kan.

xpe2 i want to send emel to DR Fuad right now n make another oppoinment wif him.




k continue study now. until my exam are over.!ehee..


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