Friday, August 22, 2008

new colour of highlighter


oh man....seems like yesterday since i pakai this bracess.
owh~ouch~pain killer plz.....somebody punch me in the teeth...feels like dying TODAY.
only God knows how it feels like, when doc, twist the wire around my teeth n try to tightened it!!
how??why the hell would somebody do such thing???...
aha.....tought it would b painless doing such an expensive stuff...but turn out the opposite way~~the more expensive, the more pain pain u will such rhyme said "no pain no gain".
thank god i only hav 2 wear this crazy n ugly thing for only a year. but i guess thats why doctor Suba try to push my teeth so hard.Its because i already limit her with a one year schedule.ehee....silly me!!!

i want to show some picture of me wih the new colour. ni lagi satu punya mistake i made.
i wanted to choose a ''hijau pokok pinang' tree...turns out to a green highlighter.
oh man, dah la i have 2 presentation within this month.alamak!
green???capup dari jauh my sister said la...
but if u see it once mayb u would said the same thing....hahah......
xpear turning back now. i wouldn't want to go back there and twist it way man.even if the wire out of place.ahah....

xpela later2 i put some tgh fikir want to go out o not 2morow??still got a lot of assingmnt to be done here, and im still wasting like have an hour on this blog...trying to feel the mood.kunun.......????


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