Sunday, August 24, 2008

back to UTM...


2nd day at UTM.huhuuuu.. idono what the heck im doing rite now. Ive been reading the same article for the last 6 hours and yet still blur about it.waaaa.........what am i suppose to do now.
dah la have to send the proposal this week, exact wednesday because have appoinment with SV on that day. so that leaves me wit 3 days.
n yet still many things to do this week ...
quiz online management.
test E3
proposal this wednesday
lab report
tranducer report...

OMG all of it i havent touch yet.aduiii naaa.......what have i been doing during mid break haritu ek? macam sekejap sangat at rumah. oh yea fogot.....outing n movies almost wonder la shima.....lalalalala.....

now need to rush everything and get it done one by one starting now.!


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