Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Its now officially 1.45am and Im still not sleepy.
Yesterday was the MPP new selection for the prospective leader in the next batch. I might as well vote, since Its my last voting as a student. Guess what?? I leave a bad impression to the guard who was witnessing the voters and a lookout for any damages or mistakes blablibla....Ive decided to take my phone out, because I received a lot of anonymous messages on whom to vote. While there's so many unfamiliarized faces, I've decided to follow the messages, I mean why not? They've spend a lot of money msging people and it shows that they really wanted the position. Unlike some leader, who only do the job when the superior people push them to do so!!

K back to the story....while i was taking my phone out, the guard just grabbed it without my intention. What the hell??? I can only catch up with him after everything is settle. So there, i went to see him wanting my phone so badly, because need to go home and settle my FYP. Seriously, he was lecturing about copying and said I should get penalty for doing such action. Really?? is it necessary?? Dam funny. I want to laugh so BADLY right there, but i hang on. Not wanting to give disgrace to him. After i said sorry and all, then he gave me back. Like there's gonna be a next time???haharr :))

We got a really nice, very well designed planner book. but unfortunately no food provided, unlike the previous year. I stil remember when I won the lucky draw. Gud times. Indeed!!

Back to yesterday, its hard to find old equipment these day, because the surrounding is filled with new ones. So I've search everywhere, and all hardware shop hasn't got the specific item that i wanted for my project work. At first, I was kind of frustrated but then whats the use?? I wonder, how hard can it be? I began do it myself. If Im going to consider myself as an engineer, might as well try to design something. Basically, the hardware is done!! THRILLED :)) . but one thing for sure, need to test it to the laboratory so that it can fixed perfectly joining the other piping line. I wish heartily that all my hard work will pay off smoothly tomorrow. Amin......

i have no idea writing so formally can be soo tiring~~~ But I like it. Need to write like this more often. Vocabs especially. Heck!! y not read some books to kill the free time right. hehe...
I want to go jogging!!!! PLZ join me........ :)))

GUDNIT PEOPLE. AND dont forget to set a prayer for the people in Gaza City...still going through a war with no mercy. Its been 19 days. Where's the humanity in people gone?? Al-Fatihah disedekahkan kepada mereka yang syahid di dalam peperangan.

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