Tuesday, January 06, 2009

last semester


Its only been 2 days and im bored to death here!!!ayoooooo.....
very very free. My schedule is so free, I can sleep the whole evening. No kidding!!hahaaarr..
Imagine 14 credits with 3 major subject and a final year project2 (FYP2) which i haven't started yet, coz too buzy doing NOTHING!! MAn, if only i have lots of $$$$$$$$$$

Maybe i should apply 4 job???? KIV.

And there's this, from my college here, a construction working which makes all the dust flew around and make this place look even more deserted. DAMN POLLUTED AIR!! just look at my car.AArrggghhhh..!!

mannn miss my home!!

Tenkiu my dear fren 4 trowing me a bday party just now..heeeheee....
AWAWawaaaawwww.......just need to get my study mood back :)

mannn miss my home!!

did I mention that already.HAHA...


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