Thursday, December 18, 2008

still young~~ *_*


16 december 1986 i was born on this earth specifically at Hospital Tawakal- Gombak. yup..... turning 22 already haaa.. XD

alhamdulillah....i can eat, live, breathe, n have a normal healthy life until now. thats all i need. although my age increased every year, but i am who i am. menten young (perasan siot!)~~lalalaaa....

i dont think ive been a very good girl for the past year, and i hope i can b more "mature", responsible, x skip class n bla bla bla memandangkan this is my last semester of study in UTM TERcinta (harap2 x kantoi subjek ape2)......harap2 jgk dipanjangkan umur lagi. so theres more time to pray to ALLAH swt b4 i die. n get married n have children n granchild n dot dot dot .......(mls nk taip)

pray 4 me~~

**oPppsss..private photos**

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