Tuesday, December 02, 2008

cute eih??hehehe..

oh man....i just realized, the results are out. but unfortunately, *embarrassed to said* i check today, so that mean. im too late. the last day to check was yesterday. ohhh man.
whatever, its not like the end of the world or anything.haha..this semester totally screw my result!! damn u. i mean me.hahaha....

o yeah...
i just found out this blog from someone.u've got to check this out. totally cute!!!
Well, for a start, it’s not A blogger, it’s TWO bloggers.

Secondly, meet the bloggers themselves.

Berry and Lemon.

I am not even kidding.

Go on, click on that link. It’s really their blogs. It’s the blog of the Ribena character, Berry, and his girlfriend, Lemon. Yes, the ones you see on TV. Yes, the ones that meet and fall in love by the lake and start running towards each other slow mo and a Bollywood song starts playing, “Haaaaa aaaa ... curi curi hai hai curi curi hai hai curi curi hai hai” I SWEAR TO GOD THAT’S HOW THE SONG GOES.

It’s really, really them! I’m telling you! It’s the purple round berry named, um, Berry and it’s the yellow Lemon with eyelashes! You remember how they ran towards each other and ta-dah Ribena Lemon?


Can you believe they have blogs now? I mean I know they have eyes and hands, but who knew they had brains as well right? (JOKING I AM JOKING.) Damn funny to see fruits blog about their life la hahaha and aww they make such a sweet couple too! Oh I just realized I could have meant that literally.

Also, Berry is actually funny! Go check out their blogs ok and pester this Berry to update!!

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farah said...

cute sangat lemon and berry tu...