Monday, February 22, 2010

Another interview at Bangsar


From the much more hapening story yg telah terjadi, y must i tell about my interview session.
I bet my blog is full with interview experience...
ehh ehhh............
suke hatila.
blog saya!!
muahahaaaaa pon probably applied in January kut,
But, who would want to miss the oppurtunity especially in oil n gas rite..
hurm....come to think of it, my current work pon wif o.n.g jugak.
saje je nak demand demand. xleh ker??lalalalaaaaaaa~~~

So, i went there, and it was like, one of my best planned interview ever. yes! definitely!

1) updated resume (check)
2) picture (check)
2) read company profile (check)
3) read technical business profile (check)
4) find location a day before interview (check)
5) come 1 hour EARLY (check)
6) dont embarass myself infront of panels (check)
7) over confident! (check)

ekekeee...... all those things yang selama ini kelam kabut sebelum interview,
finally organized! im soo proud of myself.
eventough xdela nak sgt pon kut, sebab position dia pon x berapa best,
n still there's a second stage.
hurmmpp.........but at least i tried to come.

dont give up b4 u try! ( thats my motto)

and im still waiting for the previous result!



asal lambat sangat ni.
xdapat gtau jela.

uhuk3.. =p


ijad said...

cantik blog...

rehan syazwani said...

waaah u ni..byk nye interbiu diee...hehe apply kje kt mane? i start apply kje 3mggu lepas dh tp xleh 1 p0n yg pnggil..huhu

Syim said...

walopon xde kaitan

rehan : DONt give up! caiyok!
guna je semua agent yg ade d malaysia ni.yeah

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