Monday, August 31, 2009

Malaysia Aniversary


Today suppose to be the 52- National Day of Malaysia. But too bad i woke up in the afternoon, so I didn't got a chance to go "cuci mata" around KL. ala..... i bet there's nothing to see, but my frend said there's a 2ndhand sale down at jalan Bkit Bintang. Damn!!!! But when i start accumulate my decision whether to go or not, it's better not to. first no money. 2nd were fasting and may get tired of walking....ahak....NOT!!

So....not much going on because the National Day falls on Ramadhan. So I better stay at home lar.....from getting more sins , i better lock myself in the house...hahahahaa!!!!

Actually, Im so damn bored I decided to do TAG from Elya.hehe... ;p
here it is : 25 facts about me

1- I dont mind being alone. depends on what situation im in.
2- I cant help myself to drive fast. but im a careful person ok ;p
3- I love money $_$ but now I have non
4- Sometimes I can get a bit stubborn (buat muka)
5- I like to do things my way ( a good way ok )
6- I like my laptob and phone very much ;)
7- I HATE everthing that can fly n have many legs (bees, flies, spiders....u name it)
8- I dont like to do the same routine everyday
9- I am a clumsy person. But still trying to be a better one
10- I get excited when going to the beach or theme park
11- I am a friendly person n poyos one ( once u get to know me)
12- I love and adore my family very much
13- I can be very sensitive sometimes.
14- If u mess wif me, there's a big chance that ur not on my friends list
15- I can easily be influence or influence others.
16- I like hanging out wif all my friends (love u guys)
17- I like to watch horror movie wif friends and scream like HELL....muahaha
18- When im sick, I get moody and quiet.
19- I loVEee to eat ~~ low fat please ;p
20- I can be crazy sometimes and do wild things
21- I love travelling and getting to the highest view (WOah)
22- Everyday I will pray to Allah to give me n my familly a blessing life to live.
23- Ive been to 6 schools since i was a kid ( keluarga nomad )
24- I just graduated from UTM and still jobless
25- Im not perfect and dont intend to be one ;)

thats it
NOw your turn,
TAG your it ;p


*~ eLiEnZ 87 ~* said...

bgos2, ikot arahan
ad lagi aaa
ko suke tdow gak
n tooooo yakin in all u do even salah

sukahatila said...
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-syim- said...

byk sangt..tak muat column...