Friday, August 07, 2009

12.34.56 saat. 7/8/


sonok wat countdown sendiri.....;))

Actually today at my training program have a talk on brest cancer from the ministry of health.
I already knew about all this but just that sometimes it just slip out of my mind and forgot. Weird and scary. But it's a fact. Just an aware to ourself about this serious matter. Avoid it while you still can gurls.!!!!!

After that got an interview with HSBC. Where they actually go there n interview the students. I thought at first i wanna go, but then after got a talk first at 3.30pm, the interview will take a long time. and "takut sesak di dalam tren nanti ", so i went back loh......(berlagak sehhh) macamla aku ni bagus sgt~~~hahahaa.... but then xda kaitan wif my background study pun. I'll wait for other option la.

Oh My God. next wik (16/8/09) dah nak naik atas pentas amik degree!!!!!

i hope that i wouldn't trip or embarassed myself up there.
hahahahaa...~~~~~~;)) weee...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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