Thursday, April 09, 2009

Industrial visit to TITAN Chemical Corp. Bhd.


Monday morning, we SEI student went to industrial visit at TITAN Chem. at Pasir Gudang.
Just hearing the briefing and Safety bla bla bla.......
If demand nak masuk plant memang xleh la rite??. huuuu.......

A lot of agilent tech that I have never seen b4. they use higher tech but here in faculty we use low tech..hahahaa........WTH??
Now Should I be working here??? that is a complicated question..... ;p pening berjam-jam memikirkan jawapan ini. hak hak..........

There's a lot of knowledge I received from this trip. For example......
do u know that plastic number 5 is from Titan??? and they produce good quality. Titan Chemicals produces Malaysia's most comprehensive portfolio of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP).
yup yup..... they sure do.
its much more better than other plastic and they sell much cheaper.
- more stronger
- can last longer at high temperature = 100 degree
- good impact resistance and more flexibility
- non food contaminate.
- mostly food packaging
- they also have been producing more than 50 years....huhuuu.......baru ku taw!!! -_-

Just wanna share some input from the visit.
Tired doing some FYP.........y not take a break n do some blogging rite. hahaa!!!!
seems like a lot of time just flew just like dat *puff puff*

takot gila next week present. I should be doing some analyzing rite now,
but my SV asked to do all over again. should I listen, or just follow my heart......
ngeh ngeh ngeh.....



Faruq said...

what do you need to present on? your final year project eh?

-syim- said...

yup. FYP yg sangat bestt~~~~

Faruq said...

hehe care to indulge the details of yuor FYP? eh sebenarnya u chem eng ek?

-syim- said...

stay tune in the next chap.heh.
nop. i electricl eng wannabe...haha!

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