Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New life when working (?_?)


Today is Tuesday, so it has been 2 days already in working ecvironment.(nak sngt keje amik kau!!!)
Nothing much happen really....maybe because it's only been 2 days..hurm....i dunno. But something just didn't feel right. When i first got there, i was introduce to everyone, but not everyone is there yet la. So i just realize there's only 1 female worker in the 2nd level, where everyone involve in the project has been put there.

So, i found out that I have to take over her - kak anur. and she only have until a week after raya there. She has teach me a lot, but just the basic things, i mean seriously anybody can do that. macam kerani pun ada aku rasa. haishhhh~~~~~and bile dia xda, leh ker aku survive sorang2 kat ofis nii???? aku pon keliruuuuu....x penah jadi berdikari smp camni. ;p
There's still a lot more i dunno nothing about and only a few days left. and she's taking a leave tomorrow, and i ended being left alone. and and aku sangat neves and takut.

Banyak benda dia cerita kat aku pasal experienced die, membuatkan aku tabik kpd dia.cayalaaa kak. tapi i cannot la compare myself wif her, dia dah 2 thn lebih kat situ, and aku pulak baru masuk, and most probably donno most of the staff name

Rasa cam sunyi je ofis xda pempuan dlm tu. OHh how i wish if my frens were there, mesti riuh rendah ofis. Kalo guys apa lagi, buat hal masing2 la..especially the engineer.......selalu xda kt ofis. tension lak aku tgk.........sebab aku nak IKUT GAKKK!!!!!

Aku sangat komfiusss.....>_<...
I also have interview's this weekend but, xkanla aku bg reason nak leave sebab interviu kot??? x logik giler.....dah la baru masuk, n then suka suka nak cari kerja lain plk......
AKU X SAMPAI ATI nk wat camtu kat company ni, at least I should gave it a 1 month shot.
and aku betul2 harap aku boleh bertahan kat company ni at least 1 year. dah cukup experienced blah la....




At the end, its all about getting the job done, and just wait until the end of the month for paycheck to arrived
tul x?????


Faruq said...

welcome to the world of work, work and more work! hehe persevere la dulu.. pick up tricks of the trade ke.. mula2 it might seem hard to learn, but eventually over time you should be ok..

so raya mana tahun ni?

-syim- said...


rasa masa smpai kul 5 tu pack ngn kerja2. waduh3.....
raya kat kampung la.hehe
jepmtla dtg umah ye