Thursday, June 14, 2012

middle of the night


ohh ohh....

what is there in the middle of the night, where i just woke up after a half night sleep.
the hot weather, just makes me get on my knee, and do what i should do a long time ago. (finish my slide)
yet im still here, blogging my way through. wahahah!!
im drinking cold water. icy cold. orange flavour. hehe
feels so cold inside...
now im awake!

ohh ohh....

middle of the night. how i wanted to do this every night..
to pray, to make me more closer to Allah.
to clean myself from all the sins.

ohh ohh..

Allah.... give me strength to pass this
if its the best choice....then the choice it will be.
and im sure everyone there is going to help me, through hard and easy.
how i wish there wasn't any prejudice.
to clear my eyes from all the negatives, make me a positive person.
now and then.


kita sudahi blog ini dgn tasbih karafah.
learn this from Hamka.
hehe. :)

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