Monday, May 07, 2012

hectic days.


introduction to blogger dah lain la sekrang! nampak sangat dah lama x update..
make me confused for a while there.hehe

sooo many things.
sooo hectic nowdays.
bussiness going great! not really.
still struggling very hard to balanced both things in my life.
If u asked me why im doing it.its simply because i LOVE it.
i love wat im doing. it gives me freedom n pleasure.
most important thing is your attitude. it plays a great role in your life actually,
without the right attitude and heart, your just another human whining about life.!
If there is a huge problem in front of u, u still can manage to keep calm and kip ur mind straight all the time.

Recently, someone just stab my heart.! but i manage to balanced it. doesnt mean, when were good with someone, they're gona do the same thing to us right. Think back, we may learned something from them.
my frends once told me some people come into your life as a lesson and others they arrives as a blessing..
and insyaallah Allah knows wats best for us. :)
and i hope good things will come. amin.


tata for now.

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