Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I didnt get in!


the results are finally out.

I knew from the very start, that im not gona get in. but i still wana give hope to it.
my bad! at least now my heart is calm. i like to know the truth, rather than waiting for it.!


The result are quite frustrating coz i didnt get in! while all my other friends didnt know their result yet, and they still have a chance. who knows. i wish them best of luk!
I mean its just the 4 of us, if i didnt get in, would be quite embarassing!!
apa2 la..nothing for me to loose.

okla okla

no more

i knoe its for the best.

but im not quite upset about only that, there's also this one teeny tiny thing thats been bugging me! urghh.....its a mix feeling~ im not sure y. but its complicated!
Maybe its time to think about all this kinda staf.
I mean we are all growing up, sooner or later, there's gonna be that other person "our soulmate" who's going be with us until death do us part.

i need some space to think! Its not an easy decision to make.Before i came to my senses, i should definitely take some advise from the experinced one. rite guys.huhu


Huda said...


bentarung said...

mesti pet laa tu

Syim said...

huda : sometimes, our life dah diatur oleh-Nya. pasrah jela.

bentarung : sangatla salah. pet tu citer lama.hahahhaa

SNAK said...

do story..i'm lost!

FaruqY said...

soulmates are something not to be rushed. you don't want to commit before regretting it later.

it's okay la walaupun you didn't get in kan? keje skrg ni pun ok kan? ke what you're talking about ni bukan pasal kerja? hehe~

bentarung said...

x pet tnb!!!

Syim said...

snak : im lost too!! huhu..

faruqy : wow lama x nmpk~ g mana? aah abt work. im not no no..

bentarung : tepat sekali!

bentarung said...

haha.. aku kn xstalker terhebat..