Monday, April 19, 2010

Mendekatkan diri Dgn KematiAn.


my weekend last week was very tiring.
But i enjoyed it very much, seems like i appreciate my life so far.
ecehhh..... ;p

Haritu, supposedly we want to buy our tiket bus for our journey episode..jeng3...
But, the ticket lady says, u have to go at least one week before the schedule plan, due to technical maintenance or something. So the main objective is not achieved yet.grr...

Then, we were lost for a moment, not sure wat to do, of us decided to go to the MUzeum for the pameran keranda.
DAripada tgk movie Rm10, baek g muzeum RM2, save bajet sikit. isnt tht so....

There were quite a lot of people, x seperti yg djangkakan.sgt ramai smp bersesak2.isk!
banyak juga la keranda nya....its just like a ghost house!
siap ada sound effect sume.COol! ;)

*muka teruja x boleh bla..huhuhu...*

Dah la first time g muzeum negara. agak jakun jugakla, walopon mmg orng kl.ngahak.
n first time jugakla solat d masjid negara.uhu..

my stomoch still hurt, from the overdue workout! yaikz!isk..
n i have a new hobby starting tomorrow! cant wait~~~ahahaa...~~


harap maklum.


Faruq said...

hehe I've been rather busy la lately, tapi sebenarnya masih lagi sempat menjengah your blog. cuma x sempat nak leave comments je.

owh so would you recommend bringing kids to the keranda exhibition? the last time I went to muzium negara was for the weapons exhibition last year, I think..

so what's this new hobby of yours? dah campak dah xbox 360? hehe~

Syim said...

ohh yekee...hahhaa..malula cani

mmg ramai giler kids. kalo dh besa ok la...kalo yg kecik2 tu toksahla..nanti diorng nanges.pening pale orng kt dlm tu.uhuhuhu..

ahaa...tht hobi xleh gtau orng, nanti akan buat msa ni tunda, sebb tv rosak.uuuuuu.... ;(

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