Monday, March 29, 2010

After a few days...


baru hari ni dapat internet. before ni cam internet bengong2 sket.
n there's kinda a lot of thigs been hepening arnd me.

esp that one particular day.

where... i came in a lil bit late to ofis.

then my PC broke down

terpaksa, tmpang pc orng lain yg juga nk guna,.

then kene marah ngn bos.

then myk kete dah abis (kelip2 dah), n stak in traffic jam

then nak isi myk duit x ckp.

sabar jela..

naseb bek selamat sampai

after this.....kene beringat la selalu..

n much to little time.

hope tomorow will be much better walopon tgh depress sekrng.

sabar jela.


1 comment:

jon hafkian said...

sabar ek!

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