Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Berfoya- foya jap


Dah lama tidak ketemu sama mereka ini.....~~~
Everyone wif their own activities and life. So finally ketemu jugak aritu.

work is stressful, but still controllable, but i also have the guts to ask for an unpaid leave for 2 weeks in Disember~~~gara2 nak g holiday~~~hoho.
xtaula dpt approval or not. But i hope i will get, because my whole family is going for a whole month, and i ony take a leave for 2 weeks. If i didn't get approval, that leave's me home alone for a month. AND i am so not good at taking care of maself.

I think mesti my bos extend my probation~from 3 mnth to ??? how mnth???~walaweh~~byk sgt cuti~~~
aku pon naik sogan.hahahaaa..........

AKU nak bincang satu matter ni ngn BOS. harap2 matter aku ni dterima, setelah sekian lama dpendam seniri..
wish me luck.

left : syira, me and nurlin


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