Thursday, September 10, 2009

My lucky day~~~~ ;)


Today~~after 4 month of unemployed, I am finally employed!!wohhooo~~~~!!!!!!

Somewhere I always wanted which is in Oil n gas company.
I even walk there. Its just across my house. Its not as big as PET...but enough for me to get as much experience as i can as a project exec.hurm~~~~
I thought nak mintak engineer, but the posting available is project, and HR- miss Jesicca said, there's a chance i might change position maybe later on if i stayed in this company a year or 2, based on my performance of course.
Is it that great being an engineer????heheheeee

Funny thing is, my interview was at 2pm, and she called me at 4pm saying that i got accepted. SYUKUR sangat sangat.....

dahla dekat dengan rumah, and I dont even have to calculate the expenses for travelling, macam g training tu~~~but one thing tough.....Im still living wif my family~~~huhu~~~baru ingat nak jadi independent sikit, cari umah sewa seniri n so on.huhu....

Maybe...who know's one day~~~~

fotolia_9699433%20oil%20rig.jpg (512×332)

*gambar hiasan semata-mata*

wish me luck ;)


Faruq said...

alhamdulillah.. congrats! so bila start kerja ni?

takpe la about having to live with your parents and family still.. for starters ni elok la dok dengan depa lagi.. expenses you kurang, but make sure you save enough la for you to be able to eventually move out and live on your own!

all the best then in your job. congrats again

-syim- said...

stat next wik. i will sure save my money this time.heheee


hazzy said...

duit raya bebehhh.

-syim- said...

duet raye mende~~~~
baru nk stat. x msk gaji lagi weh
kene tgu taun depan ;p

izue said...

wahh..congratz!!gembire2!!akhirnya kn???
hah...doakan org kt sini pulak ye.hihi

-syim- said...

toce toce...~~~ ;)
caiyok2..dont give up k.
semoga ketemu rezeki insyaallah~~
heheee ;))

*~ eLiEnZ 87 ~* said...

dwit raye dlm ingatan.. hahahaha
weh, ape kes??
dpt dpn umah>
cmne nk independent>
ape ni.. kate nk dok umah sewa..
sob sob..

-syim- said...

elya~~mana congratz tuk aku??
wuwu.. T_T

yela dekt la save bajet. dah pandai nanti aku chowla
cr keje len lak. ehe....

*~ eLiEnZ 87 ~* said...

xde congrats~~ haha
sbb ko xdok umah sewa
kalo ko dok umah sewa
pastu keje
baru kter congrate
muahahhaha (gelak evil)