Friday, June 12, 2009

My report duty is done!!


This morning......alhamdulillah...dah siap report diri ke sponsorship unit.
All my document have been given. and my support letter have been approved! eventough its a last minit thing. hahahaaa!!!!

U need to change ur attitude beb!! c'mon...!!!!

Now just need to prepare mentally for structured interview pulak! dem! cuak siot!
but donno yet la when. Just whoped for the best. tadi yg g, Tyra, Ben and Ella. so diorang ade gap like 4 hours waiting for their turn! wth! giler lambat tu....mesti dah mood dah down.

and tadikan g OGA (Oil & Gas Asean)2009 wif my frens. WOW!!!
like the biggest exhibition i've been so tadi pun i dont think i have walked half the hall.
because we eat2 and chitchatting until 2pm. When we got where to go???? lets start with the left. mostly instrumentation! ~~yes~~now i know, there's a lot of oppurtunity for me out there. so relax la.....but not too relax~~

so stop at one company pun, explaination sampai half n hour. nak chow pun x reti dah.hahahaa...
so walk2 until 4.20pm like that because dont want to be too avoid lrt traffic.
Naza ajak jumpa pun dah lmbt beb. sorila.hahaaa. yg jumpa tadi pun Nasyrik (yes dia ingt aku) and Che' Wan Suhaili. ..... hehee.. ;p

haa...if im recommended to work there(IF) i repeat IF ok. there's a lot more time to see u guys k. IF. dont want to held up my head to high. I do have a lot of weaknesses. So its a tough luck!

If im not lazy...mayb i'll go finish my other half hall there.. IF!
Im also confused y my frens are so dem semangat about this
~~~oh well~~~~
experience is lerning

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