Friday, June 12, 2009

dad going overc pulok... ;(


my dad just got transfer to uzbekistan(mind my spelling)....on tuesday (10/6/09)
for 2 freaking long years...goshhh~~~
Pray for his health and wish for the best for him. Always...
Also really2 hoped that he will come to my konvokesyen on August. If not i will paksa him to come jugak..
not that far tough.....only like 6 hours flight.

come home always~~... :)


Anonymous said...

apsal your whole family tak tag along? your dad tak nak uproot your family dari life kat sini ek?

btw, your dad keje apa el?

amree said...

la awat x ikut cr keja kt uzbezkistan gak..hehehehe mn tau kot ada rezeki kt sana

-syim- said...

ayah x kasi.
nak wat camne kan... huhu...