Wednesday, November 12, 2008

EMEL yg mengeciwakan... :(

thank god i dont really know Kak Yus ni..aduiii buat malu je..
i just asked whether i can pursue my study or not. and guess what she replied :

Dear Naizatul Shima,

Please be informed that, PETRONAS will only sponsor your study up to Bachelor degree only. You are required to report to ESU upon completion of your study and after getting your final exam result. If you are offered a job by PETRONAS, you MUST accept the offer.

Basically, we do not allow scholars to do MASTERS degree. It is case to case basis that we do allow scholar to continue to Masters Degree.

Just a word of advice from your Student Advisor, En Shamlan:

Please write/speak in proper English when you communicate with everyone, especially if it concerns official matters. This will ensure that you develop your communication skill and prepare you for presentation activities to audiences, when you communicate with high management and for job interviews. For your information, last year, out of 120 IPTA PETRONAS scholars graduates, 39 (or a whopping 33%) of them were not recommended for employment at PETRONAS due to :
1. Weak in communicating in the English language,
2. Inability to understand presented case studies due to lack of communication skills,
2. Not meeting minimum intellectual qualities (problem analysis, creative thinking, judgment) and temperamental qualities (drive, resilience, empathy), and
3. Failure to demonstrate creative thinking and could not think out of the box.

Thank You & Regards,

ahhhHHhhhhhh....i just noticed my English is damn bad. i blamed Utm.coz y?? coz they influenced me to speak more BM and now i suck in English.
hurmm....looks like i have an improvement to make!!! its kinda long advise, for a short message i gave...
but im really looking forward to study not working..waduhhh....confius confius..???? 0_# . But i guess she's right.... communication skills are important! I mean...common..its kinda scary when she says 39 scholar not recommended to work with Petronas. Cuak..cuak... :0



Ejump17 said...

shima.. kau nak smbg master ke? Hehehe.. lucu la email tu :D

-syim- said...

huahuaaa.......ape yg melucukan???

-syim- said...

mmg ingat nk sambung.but not in UTM.tgkla camne, lgpun penaja aku xbg sambg lak...tgh2 semangat nih.