Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Trip 2 SHELL Refinery PORT DICKSON~

yesterday around 12.30 am. 2 bus from UTM are ready to take PORT DICKSON!
this is our 1st time class trip, n hopefully not the last. we actually went to Shell Refinery, yg byk api2 tu usually at Kerteh Petronas punya, xtau lak ade kat PD jgk..huhu...
stop n subuh prayer at rnr Seremban, around 4.30 jgakla sampai sana. So lepak2 brekfast n all n head back to PD at 7am. then sampai sana too damn early at 7.30...lepak2 kat jeti sampai kul8.45am sebab meeting with Shell at 9.30. minum2 teh tarik kat kedai mamak.....accidentally run with our senior SEI abg Syam. he work night shift n baru hbs kerja at TNB PD.huhu...what a small world. boleh2 terserempak.haha....tapi i n elya je time tu, yg lain i heard seronok ambik gambo main air tepi jeti..WaaaaAAAAaaaa....jelessss2222......sebab terserempak ngn diorg kat kedai mamak ajak g jeti, cakap dah g dah td..PEH...........wuwu...

Enginner from the left : Dr khairil, Farihah, Mr Rudu n Daus(ketua rombongan)

kami yg keperempuanan..ahakz

after lunch bersama2 orang SHELL

this picture supposely cannot be taken.~~ craziily in LOVEE!!georgeouSS VIEWW~~everyone got their cameras, phone..etc all outside the safety guard. while me on the other hand....kuakua3.....seludup masuk...ala....bukan apa...mlasla...lapun bwk labtp dalam beg time tu.(alasan baekk punyaa!!)
here some info i would like 2 share la...about refinery ni...

1) basically everything is crude oil (minyk yg belum diseperate)
2) then masuk kat refinery ni got 2 branch proses : seperation and conversion.
3) 1st stage usually do some distillation (penyulingan) where they have to boiled the crude to seperate into different range of heat.
4) after distillation, most heavy crude(useless) known as residue buat tar jalan n etc...and for very light on top use as LPG (gas dapur)
5) then for hydroprocessor usually to remove sulfur. sulfur then convert into pure sulfur to sell
6) 2nd stage basically polish component, remove unwanted bla bla bla.....
7) next is blending meaning mix the hydrocrbn with a product which have to meet the specification needed
8) then lastly barula distribute n tested

Shell Refining Company (SRC) produces the following petroleum products:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, or "LPG"


Gasoline, or Petrol

Jet Fuel, or Avtur

Gasoil, or Diesel


sooner or later, i will be dealing with this kinda thing also (insyaallah...) come to think of it, pretty scary the...

last2 pakcik bas dont wanna take us g pantai...wawa....bykla alasan dier...sampai UTM pun awal, around 5.00pm gtu. thats the story of my journey..hehe...wasehhh...haahaaa....

report x siap gik ni, ade mase pulak nk tulis blog. cant wait to go home 2morrowww!!!!! harap2 report ni xda masalah n boleh hantr ngn segera!!! saje je nak balik rumah...mintak restu nk final exam nii...essssehhh menn....hehehe...



syahirahursis said...

coooollliioo..lawatan ke shell..i always wanted to go there..hahaha

-syim- said...

ya right~~~ *_o msk dlm naik bas je pun. x dpt merasai paip2 tu x best gak...wuwu..