Thursday, February 16, 2012

i love travelling!


i love travelling so much that i tend to take part time job just to fullfill that dream!
i just love to see other culture, to watch the Al-Mighty creation and just travel around the world!!.... hehe
and my new hobby : outdoor activities with friends! :)

although it hurt like bruisers and cut and bleeding and painfull..... but its really2 fun! not to mention just fun..but amazed by this people who do that as their just amazed!
because its not easy i tell u.its just not!
it relly hurt. cam yang i pergi wall climbing baru2 ni. its cool to try new things, but our muscle is not strong enaf to adapt to it yet! so kene try lagi la...

macam diving jugak! x strong..but after a few practises, we get use to it.
its not just amazed by people, but amazed by how beautiful nature can be. n here we are talking like its everything here on the ground. padahal................. theres a bunch of things u can explore underwater, on top of the mountain and etc.

its relly rely cool, how i can open my eyes and mind to these kind of stuff. dulu x pernah buat.
sekarang, it made me appreciate life more. its not just about working and waking up the next day...but its the journey to it..!
which makes like so much wonderfull and heppier if you can just open your heart.!

i love what im doing now, cause it gives me more time to think,
to pray..
to listen....
to observed! ...
to do all those crazy stuff, u can never do with your family..! heheeh . :)


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jon hafkian said...

sy pon suka travel!
hehe...weh jom hong kong!