Tuesday, September 20, 2011

perasaan ini


i never..ever wrote anything like this.
But this is just hard for me.

sad.hurt.all at d same time.
cant control this feeling.
why does it have to end like this??

Ya Allah..berikan ku kekuatan...


Mize said...

Sy doakan semoga dpermudahkan segala urusan awk.Always think Positive,k Senyumlah,krn senyuman itu dapat menyembuhkan hati yang duka.
..anyway.nice background. ,:)

SNAK said...

hurm. i could relate to what u feel right now. (eventho i didn't know the whole story yet)..it's not going to be easy but, sooner or later u will..cry ur heart out to Him and let Him decide for u. IAllah..

Syim said...

poyo kan aku ni.
plz slap me!haha.
anyway..thanks u guys. :)

mgkin ada hikmah semua ni.

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