Tuesday, June 17, 2008


hari ni second day FAT (factory acceptance test). i was doing on whcp.wellhead control panel.quite big and interesting.best sebab u dont have to sit in the office doing absolutely nothing.
better than hang around at factory. barula org kate, taking full opportunity of ur internship program. man,....do i learned a lot. and also gained a lot of new friends among engineer.
nak tgk gambar WHCp, heres some example i will attached :
this picture has a 16 wellhead.
all together wellhead is 32 drawer, therefore, the control is made double,
so we have now 2 control panel, together with IHPU, inst hydraulic pressure unit.

this one on the left , is inside the control panel, with lots of transmitter, depend on how the design specification.
i need to really get the hang of reading P&ID, because
all this majorly depends on it.
thats how it works.

so far, thats all im learning. 2 days is enough eventough this FAT last for 1 week.hehe...
lagipun slide x siap lagi ni. baru balik dari gym seh....dah lame x g.
x determined langsung.
kla, 2 b continued.

-10.19 pm-

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